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Inflatable Water Park For Sale


Inflatable water park for sale are available at Bouncia. You can browse https://www.bouncia.com.cn/product to select the proper park for your water area. 

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The prices range of Bouncia standard inflatable water park for sale are from USD15000 to USD95000 depends on different capacity. When buying the inflatable water park, you can ask Bouncia sales representative to recommend the proper combination based on your budget and expected capacity. If the park you selected is beyond your budget, we can try to make adjustment on the single items to meet your budget requirement. You can also buy a smaller park at the first year and extend when you get your cost payback.


Sometimes when the inflatable water park owners get the permission to open the park, summer is coming and they do not have time to wait for the order get produced. If you work with Bouncia, we have inflatable water park for sale in stock most of the time and can be shipped quickly.


In addition to the typical inflatable water park in stock, Bouncia also has customized inflatable water park for sale. The water park owners can customize the park together with Bouncia according to the shape of their water area.

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There are also some second-hand inflatable water park for sale in the market. Some park owners used the park for 2-3 seasons and want to get a new one to attract their guests. They often choose to sell the park as second hand. If you

intended to buy the second-hand inflatable water park, you’d better visit the water park owners and check the products condition personally. Because for some busy parks, if the items have been used for 2-3 seasons, it is not worth buying. It should be a better choice to buy a brand-new park from the inflatable water park manufacturer directly. Because brand-new park can attract more guests and the potential risks of product failure is much lower than the second-hand park.


If you want to buy a inflatable water park and google it for suppliers, you may find many results about the subject “inflatable water park for sale”. It maybe difficult for you to choose the proper supplier and proper park. It’s highly recommended to read this article https://www.bouncia.com.cn/how-to-choose-the-right-floating-water-park-supplier.


If you have further queries about inflatable water park for sale subject, welcome to contact us by email at export@bouncia.com.cn.  


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