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What Bouncia Customers Say

Bouncia inflatable water parks were installed in 100+ locations in 50+ countries. Many happy and successful customers. Here are some customers video feedback after using our water parks. Let’s listen what they say.


Bouncia Standard Inflatable Water Park

Bouncia standard floating Inflatable water park combination is designed based on capacities or water areas of differing sizes. If the standard combination is satisfactory, but you prefer some minor changes such as the color or some single elements, please tell us. We can amend them for you accordingly. 



Bouncia (Inflatable Water Park Manufacturers and Inflatable Theme Park Manufacturer) TUV certifications are for each single standard inflatable water park item, not only for a factory audit. To be certified by TUV, each water park element must be tested and comply with the updated norm EN ISO 25649. Simultaneously, an annual TUV audit is carried out to make sure the production process also complies with the requirement.

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