Water Launcher Blob For Sale

Water launcher blob(inflatable) is an exciting inflatable game. It looks like a water pillow when inflated. So it's called an inflatable jumping pillow as well. With the inflatable water blob, you can experience the fly feeling when launched. As you land on the blob, the force of your impact causes the water to move, creating a wave-like effect that can send another person flying into the air. The air inside the blob also helps cushion your landing, making it a relatively safe and enjoyable experience. 

It's designed for commercial use and made of durable PVC vinyl material. We have a wide range of different sizes of inflatable water blobs from 4m to 12m for sale. Different-sized launcher blobs fit jumping platforms or towers with different heights. The water launcher blob costs USD200-USD1700, depending on the length and width of the item. You can connect the inflatable water blobs with inflatable jumping or wooden towers.

The inflatable water blob can be used in summer camp separately or as a water park game with a floating water park. If you go to a blowup water park, you may find the water launcher blobs are always the hottest water games. Almost every guest wants to experience it; If you have a summer camp, water resort, or floating water park business, the water launcher blob is a good water game to add in. It definitely can bring your guests “wow” experiences. 

The water launcher blob activity is exciting and can also be dangerous if you do not follow the safety guidelines and recommendations when using it. It is also essential to ensure the blob is securely anchored to the ground to prevent it from moving or tipping during use. For more details about our water launcher blob, please leave your message.


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