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Since it’s not a small investment to start an inflatable water park business, in order to learn more about Bouncia, welcome to visit us personally before buying the water park. During your visit, you can see how we design the inflatable water park items, each process of the production and how we control the quality. You can also discuss your water park plan with our designer and sales representative face to face. It will be helpful for you to make the decision. 

Our sales team is working in the city, if you plan to visit us, please make appointment with our sales representative first.​​​​​​​

  • Factory Exterior Shots
    Factory Exterior Shots
    This short video shows you Bouncia office and dormitory buildings, and two big workshops for manufacturing inflatable water park equipment. Each our workshop is only one floor with tin roof and about 3000 square meters. The space is big enough for most products indoor air-tightness testing.
  • Designing
    Designing is the first process of inflatable water park production. It includes aqua park layout designing and pattern making. All our designers are in this industry for more than 10 years and have rich experience. Our priority order for designing the floating water park items is safety, fun, and high cost-effectiveness.
  • Material Testing
    Material Testing
    Incoming material testing process is to control the water park items defects from the source. For every new batch PVC materials, besides requesting the testing report from our material supplier, ourselves also test when receiving the material. The test includes tensile strength, tear strength, adhesion of coating strength. 
  • Auto Cutting
    Auto Cutting
    After pattern making, the material will be cut by our auto-cutting machine according to the pattern. Auto-cutting makes the edges of the floating water park material smooth and tidy.
  • Printing
    Our advanced digital printing machine makes printings such as warning labels, logos on inflatable water park are vivid and uniform. The ink is anti-UV resistant and can last long under the sun.
  • Sewing
    The grab handles, carrying handles and anchor plates of the inflatable water park are all need to be sewed first before welding. The thread we have been using are also anti-UV and can last long under the sun. All parts are with reinforcement layers for longer life time.
  • High Frenquency Welding
    High Frenquency Welding
    Because the quality of handles, anchor rings and other parts that glued on floating water park items are usually unstable at high temperatures and tends to peel off, we invested in high frequency welding machines to weld the parts instead of glue. The pulling strength of these parts are all more stronger the EN ISO25649 standard requires.
  • Eyelet Punching
    Eyelet Punching
    Eyelets connection system is the patent protected Bouncia system. Besides D rings connection system that most inflatable water park suppliers use, we add extra eyelets Connection system. With our “double connection system”, the floating water parks are very stable even in bad weather. We have many good feed-backs about this from different water park owners.
  • High Temperature Welding
    High Temperature Welding
    The high temperature welding process is to weld the panels of main body together to form an entire inflatable water park item. The quality level of this process is vitally important for the whole product. As most quality problems occur at this process. 40% of our welding technicians have worked in Bouncia for more than 8 years, the rest 60% have worked here for 3-7 years.
  • Reinforcement Panel Laminating
    Reinforcement Panel Laminating
    This process is to laminate the extra reinforcement panel with the main body of floating water park items together. Before we introduced this advanced equipment, we glued the reinforcement panels to the main body by hand, which is inefficient and the quality is not as stable as the machine. With the extra reinforcement panels, the life span of the inflatable water park is much longer.
  • Quality Control
    Quality Control
    In Bouncia, the supervisors of each process are responsible for the quality. They all have KPI target on quality. Besides, we also have QC staff to check the quality randomly during the production. For finished inflatable water park items, QC staff are required to inspect 100% to ensure low customer complaint rate.
  • Air-tightness Testing
    Air-tightness Testing
    After production completion, all our single inflatable water park items are required to do 24 hours air-tightness test. After inflating, Our QC staff use air pressure gauge to check the air pressure value. After 24 hours, they will check the air pressure again to compare the difference. If the difference is out of range, the items need to be reworked.
  • Packaging
    After air-tightness testing, the floating water park items are packed with durable PVC storage bags. The bags are commercial grade and can be used again when you put your water park away. For most items, the packaging time exclusive of deflating is 15-20 minutes for 2-3 people. For giant water park items, it takes more time for packaging.
  • Loading
    Loading is the last production process in our factory. We usually use manual and truck forklift to move the packages. For inflatable water parks with a capacity of more than 200 people, one 20GP container is enough. For bigger capacity, it may need a 40 feet container.


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