Our Team

Jeff Huang

Co-founder and general manager of Bouncia. Before Bouncia was founded, Jeff had eight years of world top 500 company middle management experience. Jeff excels in factory management. Due to his careful and rigorous management style, Bouncia’s delivery rate achieved 98% and order complaint rate is low at 5%.

Jacky Qiu

Co-founder and design director of Bouncia and previously a military member. His three years as a soldier made Jacky responsible and self-disciplined. He has ten years of inflatable water park design experience and five years design team management experience. His mission is to keep designing safe, fun and highly cost-effective inflatable water park items.

Lina Tan

Co-founder and sales director of Bouncia. With more than ten years' experience in inflatable water park customization service, Lina can always offer proper suggestions to customers for their aqua park project. First-class customer service is what Lina requires the Bouncia sales team to offer. If you are not happy with our sales service, Lina is the right person to speak with.

Laura Lee

Founder and marketing director of Bouncia. Doing right things and doing things right is her value. Making Bouncia an esteemed inflatable water park supplier is what she emphasizes. If you are not happy with Bouncia’s quality or after sale service, Laura is the right person to speak with.

  • Jane Fu
    Jane Fu
    Sales supervisor who joined Bouncia in 2012. She participated in more than seventy water park projects in the past eight years. She is patient and professional!
  • Shally Xu
    Shally Xu
    Senior sales representative who joined Boucia in 2011. She is very humorous and outgoing. Don't hesitate to begin a pleasant conversation with her.
  • Lotus Ruan
    Lotus Ruan
    Senior sales representative. Honest and warm hearted. When you work with her, you can set your mind at rest.
  • Amy Peng
    Amy Peng
    Senior sales representative who is a service star. Apart from time for sleep, she always responds to customers as soon as she gets the messages or emails.
  • Carina Su
    Carina Su
    Sales representative with professional, patient and careful work attitude, she always provides you with the most proper win-win solution.
  • Aroma Long
    Aroma Long
    Sales representative who as an English Major, is fluent in the English Language, speaking, reading, writing and listening.
  • Anneye Qiu
    Anneye Qiu
    Marketing promotor who is patient and responsible. She always set high standards for her work.


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