Inflatable Water Park Accessories


What accessories do you need for installing or operating an inflatable water park and where can you buy the accessories? If you are going to start the inflatable water park business or the accessories of your current water park can not be used anymore, this page might help.

Generally speaking, to install an inflatable water park, you need chains, ropes, bungee cords(to release the force of the waves), carabiners, mooring buoys and connector straps; to operate an inflatable water park you need air pumps, wrist band, life vest, ground sheet, hot welding gun(for repair), portable air pumps or generator(to provide electricity for air pump on the water), long rubber hose and adapter(for supplement air on water). You may also need non-slip socks for your guests.

About where to buy the accessories, because the accessories are for professional and commercial use, for most accessories, it’s difficult for you to buy elsewhere except the professional inflatable water park suppliers. You can either buy from your original inflatable water park supplier or buy from other suppliers, most water park accessories from different suppliers are universal. 

If your floating water park are from other supplier and you want to try Bouncia accessories, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a full range of water park accessories that are ready to ship.


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