Giant Inflatable Water Park Items


These Giant Inflatable Water Park Games From Bouncia Make Your Water Park More Attractive

Are you thinking to bring in some giant inflatable water park games to make your water park more attractive and get more visitors? Try something new and big this summer to make your water park bring more profit for you. Bouncia knows what the water park owners need. So we designed several very successful big water games for you to choose. Most of the giant games can be used as both stand-alone items and combined items. Many of the giant water park games have a large capacity. And can hold many guests at the same time. They look expensive, but with their big capacity and eye-catching feature, they are actually of high cost effectiveness. For example, for our most popular giant all in one station (, it inclusive of a very big platform at the top, 3 water slides, 2 climbing ladders, 1 climbing side with grab handles, 1 higher jumping platform and one lower platform. And the maximum capacity is up to 30 people, which equals to a small park.

The giant water park items are designed to ensure the guests have the most amazing experience possible. They are breathtaking, over-the-top adventure that almost anybody can take part in. 

Other water park owners who ordered our giant water park elements told us our giant water park items can bring at least 30% more visitors than before. Many guests come for the giant exciting games. As these giant games can provide the riders a “wow”experience that they won't ever forget. They would love to come back again.

For most of these giant items, high is its core feature. Such as the giant inflatable water tower with slides and jumping platform, the jumping platform is 7m high, it’s an item to test courage. It’s also a good item to experience together with friends or family. 

We made many giant inflatable water park games for the water park business and we are confident that they can enhance your profit.  As long as your water depth is enough, it’s worthy to bring one or two to make your aqua park big and exciting. For more information, please leave your message.


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