Anchor Bungee Cords for Sea Water Park

Our Anchor Bungee Cord works like a shock absorber as they stretch to protect products against the waves and tides. It's very necessary for a windy area or sea water park. As it can protect the D rings from damage by winds and waves. If the D rings of the water park games are damaged, the products can not be anchored. It is a kind of elastic bungee rope made of high-strength, stretchable materials inside and PE material outside, and it is attached to the anchor and the water park games with carabiners.

Bouncia anchor bungee cords come in 1.03m length and about 3cm thickness. It's durable enough to withstand storms at 50 miles per hour.  It's essential to anchor your water park with bungee cords. Whether you ordered Bouncia park or other parks, you can try Bouncia anchor bungee cord.


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