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Bouncia Bank Account Information

Kind Reminder: To avoid payment fraud, please only send payment to below beneficiaries :


1.Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables LTD


2.Bouncia Water Sports LTD

Beneficiary: Bouncia Water Sports Limited
Account: 124 739 160 838

Online Service

US Agent contact information:

FIO Amusements Group, LLC

Contact Person: Mary Gathman-Kent, Eric Klaff

Email: bounciausa@gmail.com

Phone: 407-414-2904


Hungary Agent contact information:

Company: ZOLLEN KFT.

Address: 7135 Dunaszentgyorgy, Temető u. 45., Hungary

Phone: +36-30-773-9678

Contact person: Zoltan Lencses

E-mail : info@waterplay.hu

Web: www.waterplay.eu

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