If you checked all Bouncia standard inflatable water park combinations and still have not found a satisfactory park. Then customize your own water park with Bouncia is your right choice. The following are the processes about customize the park.


1. Information collection stage. Before we can start designing your park, tell us the information about your water area: location (sea, lake or swimming pool, shallowest and deepest water depth, length and width of the area that used for inflatable water park, expected capacity for each session. If possible, it’s better to indicate the water depth and dimension information on screenshot of google map so that our designers understand better about the project.

2. Bouncia sales representative will send you our single inflatable water park elements for you to select.


3.Bouncia designer will make the 3D drawing according to the situation of your water area with the single items that you picked.


4. You check the water park initial design and see if there are some points need to be modified.


5. Bouncia sales representative will check the cost of your inflatable water park after you confirm the final design.


6. After the quotation of your customized inflatable water park is confirmed, we will send you proforma invoice with our bank account, production finish time, payment terms for deposit paying.


7. Bouncia production department arrange production for your order after receipt of your deposit.

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