You may find the same water park photos on different supplier’s website or catalogue. But Bouncia is the true manufacturer and exporter.

Bouncia inflatable water park projects are located in many countries, such as Harrison park in Vancouver Canada, Melbourne cable park in Melbourne Australia, Idroscalo park in Milano Italy ect.

If you want to check Bouncia aqua fun park projects near you but can not find it on our website, you can email or call us, our sales representative will  try to send you the nearest water park projects for your reference.

Some designs of these projects were choosen from our standard water park combination, some were customized design according to customers  water area shape and expected capacity. For example, Moama park in Australia was from our standard park combination. Melbourne cable park and  Harrison water park were customized design.  

In these projects, single items in Harrison water park are the biggest one, the minimum waterdepth is 3.5m, because they are big and attractive, the  operating difficulty is also bigger than our standard smaller items.

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