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Inflatable Water Park Prices

January 05, 2021

About Inflatable Water Park Prices Difference

When you start to make a rough business plan for your inflatable water park project, the prices of the floating water park equipment will definitely come up to your mind. Then you may do research via google, B2B platforms, amusement attractions exhibitions etc.

During the inflatable water park prices research, you may find the prices differences are really big. For a 100 capacity inflatable water park, the price ranges from USD20,000-USD120,000.

Kind reminder: carefully choose the inflatable water park supplier with the lowest prices unless your friend tried their products and services. Because most of the time, the only advantage of the cheapest suppliers is low price. 

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Reasons Of The Differences On Inflatable Water Park Cost

For the same capacity, why the prices differences are so big? Here I would like to share some possible reasons of the differences on inflatable water park cost. Hope it can be of some help for you.

1) With similar quality level for the inflatable water park, trading companies or brand owners who do not have their own factories usually offer higher prices. Because they need to buy inflatable water park equipment from the manufacturers. Usually, prices from trading companies is twice higher than manufacturers. For brand owners, if their business model is from headquarters to distributors, then to end inflatable water park owners, their prices usually two to three times higher than factory prices. As there are costs at the intermediate links to cover. 

2) The costs of individual items in the inflatable water park layout are different. Even with the same capacity, items with more playfulness are usually cost more.

3) Material difference. The cost difference for different materials of the inflatable water park can be very big. With the same thickness, 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin(vinyl), the material price from some suppliers can be only 55% of the main vinyl suppliers. Prices for some customized materials with special functions also higher than typical material.

4) Workmanship and quality difference. Many inflatable water park suppliers imitate their competitors design. Although it looks similar, the workmanship and details of the aquapark items can be very different.

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5) Different quantity and dimensions of the inflatable waterpark items cause price difference as well. For example, with the same 100 people park capacity, some supplier has 40 individual items in the layout, some has 35 or 45. 

6) Some suppliers’ quotation have not included the parts for floating waterpark installation or operation and the prices also looks much lower.

7) Some suppliers offer very low prices to attract customers at the beginning. When the down payment is done, they may increase the prices.

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