Customer Feedback

  1. This is the second time we cooperate with Bouncia, it's really a good experience! We gave them our idea and they designed and made what we want, even more than that we expected, very patient, and professional! Good service Jane!
  1. Hi Alka
  3.  I have been purchasing from Bouncia for the last 7 years and their quality, workmanship and materials are all good.I fully trust Bouncia with all my orders and they know how I like my products manufactured. As for longevity, I like to turn my products over at least every 4 years to keep them fresh but it also depends how you look after your stuff.Best of Luck,


    Craig Schindle

    Harrison Water Sports

Hi Ainars


We ordered our first Waterpark from Bouncia in 2016 and have been extremely pleased with it’s performance.
When deciding on the company to supply our Waterpark we contacted 15 different manufacturers and found Bouncia to be the easiest to deal with and one of the most cost effective.
Since our initial order we have added extra items to the park and have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Bouncia. All items delivered have been of good quality and extremely durable.


  1. Hi Lina
  3. I think you did a beautiful job on our last Action tower and rope swing. The finishing touches look great and the lager diameter tubing to support the roof is way better. The large anchoring patches I ask for always work great. I would keep with the larger patches every time I order from you. Thanks.

    I will have another order this year do let me know when would be a good time to manufacture.


    Thanks Craig
  1. Dear Anastasiya,

following your email sent to Marco Giorgi with the request for our waterpark in Milan, it's my pleasure to copy the email address to which you write

We have had great treatment and we are very pleased.The water park was a big hit during our summer season!


  1. Dear Miss Amy

Dear Miss Amy and thank you for your kind note.You are an excellent company to deal with and look forward to ordering more products from you in the coming months.Wish now I had ordered our complete park from you.

Thank you again


Dave Parker&team

  1. Hi Shally

We are very happy with the quality and workmanship of the products we ordered from your company. We will be making another purchase this spring. Thanks.

Warren J Cole

  1. Dear Lina,

We are going to order some new toys for next summer. We have been satisfied with your toys so far. Your products are better – even at the first look – they look much better, and then – they last double the time.


Natasha Varmuza

  1. Hi Laura

Just to share some information, we have had some very bad weather and the Park has been very robust.  Lots of normal movement in the wind but strong quality.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ——Melbourne Cable Park

  1. Hi Jane

Bouncia still holding well in 50mph wind at park.has moved about 1 meter the direction wind is blowing but I still think this is chain slack and bungee movement.




  1. Good evening Miss Shally,

We have received all the goods and we are very happy with the production quality and would like to place another order.

The new order we would like to place immediately and would like some different obstacles to our previous order - can you please make some suggestions we would like it the same size.

Kind regards,

Hi Jane!


Thanks for your e-mail! I am very sorry for hesitating with an answer! I already wanted to send you the pictures of our park past week :)

It’s great! Our customers like it and we are already considering to make it bigger next year :)Please see pictures attached.

Have a nice day,


Hello Miss Amy


I received your email, sorry for the delayed response. We are very busy all day with the park, it has been highly successful and I can only do extra work outside of opening hours.I will send you a photo of the blue piece after work today.

It is a very reliable company and its the second time i have worked with them.They are very professional at what they do.I am very pleased from their offerings and i would like to work again with them in the future.