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Bouncia Standard Inflatable Water park combinations have different capacity from several people to 300 people.

They can meet your different budget and are suitable for lake, sea and swimming pool. Most of the time, for some popular sets like park100, park160, park165,we have stocks which can be shipped immediately.

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How to choose a proper sized water park? This could be a more difficult decision than to choose an inflatable water park supplier. The following considerations are given for helping you with the decision.


1.Where will you use the park? If you use the inflatable aqua park in the swimming pool, just choose from our “mini inflatable water park” list.If you are going to install the water park in the open water, please choose from “giant inflatable water park” and”medium inflatable water park”.


2. What’s the water space do you have? Most open water park owners may do not need to consider this as they have enough big space. But for some customers who have space limitation, they need to check the needed water space carefully.


3. What’s your water depth? The minimum water depth for all our standard inflatable water park combination is 2.5m. If your water depth is less than 2.5m, we can remove some big items in the combination and choose those items suitable for lower water.


4. What’s the capacity do you need? This is a very important question to think about. How many people you are expecting to entertain at the same time? 60 people, 100 people, even 250 people? If your inflatable aqua fun park is in a tourist area, you can decide the capacity based on the number of tourists. If your location is not a tourist area so far,you can start at a 100 people capacity park.  If you need to enlarge the water park from the next season, we can make necessary connection system accordingly.


5. What’s your budget? If your budget is really tight, tell us your upper limit of your expenses for the water park. This will be very helpful for us to recommend the proper one for you. And avoid recommending the parks that beyond your budget too much. 

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