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Commercial Inflatable Water Park Material

October 25, 2021

During the investigation of the commercial inflatable water park equipment price, you may find the prices from different suppliers are quite different. Besides the design and workmanship details difference, material difference is also an important factor.


Today, I would like to talk about different material that most inflatable water park manufacturers use in the market.

Generally speaking, most Chinese inflatable water park manufacturers use 0.9mm thick and inside density 22*20 PVC vinyl material.

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This kind of material is the typical one that most PVC vinyl material produce and usually have in stock. And the suppliers do not require minimum order quantity. 

Does this mean as long as the spec is the same, the quality is the same? No, the quality of the inflatable water park material from different supplier is different. Also, the price difference can be up to 20% even more. The material suppliers that we work with have more than 15 year experience in this industry and they have strict quality control system. And their quality is stable. For the cheaper material, the main problem is the unstable quality. If the quality is good, the normal 22*20 material is ok for areas that are not hot and without strong UV. But for strong UV and hot area like Queensland Australia, Thailand, Bahrain and other middle east countries, the typical material can not last long under the sun.


Before 2017, we also use 0.9mm 22*20 material until we sent a park to Brisbane Australia. After 4-month use, the inflatable water park surface got sticky and can be used any more.

From then, we developed a new commercial inflatable water park material that can resist higher temperature and stronger UV. The thickness is still 0.9mm, but the inside density is higher, it’s 28*26 inside, our customers from Brisbane, Thailand used our parks with this new material for more than 3 years and still ok. 

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With the extra anti-UV and heat resistant treatment, the water park is still 80% new after the water park exposed under the sun for 20 months in Melbourne cable park.

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But custom material needs at least 1000m minimum order quantity, if the inflatable water park suppliers or manufacturers do not have enough orders as support, the possibility is very low for them to use the custom material, because stock material will take up cash flow. You can judge this by learning how many projects they’ve made and their professionalism during the communication.


Then, how to distinguish the difference of materials for inflatable water park?For the inside density, you can see the difference when the inside texture is exposed. For anti-UV and heat resistance performance, you can not judge according to the appearance. You can only judge according to the test report from the lab or check with the supplier’s reference customer who used their park for more than 2 years in the hot area.


Regarding material, if the supplier’s price is extremely low compared with other suppliers, there is a possibility that they use the cheapest 0.6mm material. Actually, you can not tell the difference via the appearance.


Above are the knowledge about the material of commercial inflatable water park, hope it will be helpful for you during your research of your water park equipment process. If you have further queries about the material that we use, welcome to email us export@bouncia.com.cn or comment down.

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