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What Is An Inflatable Water Park?

February 17, 2023

Water entertainment has been around for thousands of years. However, the real commercial inflatable water park originated about 2008. Before that, the inflatable water sports are just some stand-alone single items such as inflatable iceberg mountains, water trampolines, seesaw ect. Then what is an inflatable water park? Generally speaking, the inflatable water park is a modular combination of different single inflatable water sports items. They usually consists of water trampoline, water slide, water platform tower and other water obstacles. Different water obstacles connected together with D rings or other connection systems that the manufacturers use.

On hot summer days, everyone wants to go to water parks for fun. However, for individuals, the area limitation and high cost makes building water parks impractical. Under the circumstances, commercial inflatable water parks have been developed. The inflatable water parks are usually opened to make money by selling tickets and drinks or snacks. They are suitable for any healthy people who can swim well.   

The following will introduce what is inflatable water park from several aspects. Hope it’s helpful for those who want to start the water sports business.

1.The Features of Inflatable Water Park

1)A Formation Of Different Inflatable Water Toys

An inflatable water park is a formation of individual inflatable water products. There are many different options for these inflatable water toys and you can choose according to your tourist preference. For example, if your park is aimed at adults, then thrill rides such as Giant Water Tower, Big Slide etc. are a good choice. If it is geared towards children, then smaller Slide, Fun City will attract the attention of the little ones. If your park is geared towards relaxation, then Floating Island and Water Totter are great for hanging out with friends. 

2)The Size Can Be Customized By Accommodation

The formation of inflatable water park come in both large and small sizes. For example, a huge inflatable water park can host more than 300 people at the same time. If you have a large enough body of water, you can have your own inflatable water park customized by Bouncia to accommodate more people. The different sizes of formations can accommodate different numbers of people. 

3)The Size Can Be Customized By Water Area

The size of your inflatable water park formation can be tailored to suit the size of your water area. It can be installed in the sea, lakes, rivers or even swimming pools, wherever you want as long as you have a licence.

2.The Materials of Inflatable Water Parks

Inflatable water park toys are shaped by the difference in tension and pressure inside the material. In terms of material, PVC tarpaulin can be pretty common in inflatable water park items. But PVC material also has difference in thickness, inside density, tensile strength, tear strength, adhesion of coating strength and performance of anti-aging. Then what kind of PVC material is the proper one for inflatable water park? According to Bouncia years of experience in this industry, the proper material for commercial inflatable water park at least 0.9mm thick, or the air-tightness maybe not good enough after some time use. In addition, below physical specifications are also very important for the durability of the inflatable water park. Ask your inflatable water park supplier to send you recent test report of their material and see if the result conforms to the requirement.  

Item Test Method Unit Requirement
Thickness DIN 53353 mm ≥0.9

Total Weigh

DIN 53352 g/㎡ ≥1080
Tensile Strength

ISO 1421



Elongation at BreakISO 1421%


Tear StrengthDIN 53363N



Adhesion of Coating StrengthDIN 53357N/5cm





To be on the safe side, choose the inflatable water park supplier that has strict material incoming quality control. If the supplier has the IQC process before production, the quality of your water park can be controlled before material cutting. 

Besides the physical specifications, the chemical and anti-aging performance are also very important. For the chemical test, the material should pass the EN71-3 migration of certain elements test and REACH test. Passed these test means the material is environment friendly and good for human being health. As for anti-aging performance, because the inflatable water parks need to be exposed on the sea or lake during the whole summer, the strong UV and high temperature requires the material has good performance of UV and heat resistance. The uv resistance need to reach PF70 and the high temperature resistance need to reach 80 degree Celsius.

Especially in hot area such as Thailand, middle east and Queensland Australia, if your water park material is not anti-uv and heat resistant, it can only last for several month, then the material get sticky. 

3.The Price of Inflatable Water Parks

The price of inflatable water parks are from several thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can be affected by many aspects, such as the use of raw materials, production technology, style and so on. The following are the detailed analysis for your reference.

1)Raw Material Of Inflatable Water Toys

Due to the different raw materials used by each supplier, the prices of inflatable aquatic products vary. Good raw materials must cost more. If you are considering the quality of raw materials, please be sure to believe that the quality is directly proportional to the material.

2)Quantity Of Material

One problem many investors face when choosing products is that inflatable water toys of the same size may be different even if they are made by the same supplier. This comes to the question of how much material is used in the product. The same size inflatable water slide, for example, has multiple stairs and slides, while the other has a single staircase and slide. Inflatable water toys with rich shapes must be made of more materials than simple styles. It will also be more difficult to produce. So the price will be higher. But there is no doubt that the inflatable water toys will be more popular.

3)Style Of Inflatable Water Toys

As mentioned above, inflatable water toys with rich shapes will cost more than simple ones. Generally speaking, the price of the new inflatable water games will be higher than the old one. Because the research and development of new models requires a long time of research, testing and other processes, after the market is less competitive, so the price will be high.

4.The Difference Between Inflatable Water Park And Traditional Water Park

1)The Difference Of Material

Traditional water parks are made of hard plastic or fiberglass, which is harder than the material of inflatable water games. Because of its nature, traditional water parks are fixed and do not easily change the position. Unlike fixed water parks, inflatable water parks usually made of PVC, which are portable and can be installed in water or on land in the pool. 

2)The Difference Of Tricks

Due to the different materials, the hardness of the two kind of water parks is different. Inflatable water parks are the same as traditional water parks, with skiing, climbing, jumping and more. However, inflatable water toys are generally elastic, allowing you to unlock more tricks. Such as the Blob, one of the popular inflatable water toys at inflatable water parks. You can jump and launch from it with your friends.

There are many types of inflatable water parks. Some of them are commercial and others are used for personal use. The commercial version can be used in hotels or resorts. The small versions are for families who want to enjoy fun time together at their swimming pool. 

Hope this article helps you learn what is inflatable water park and the relevant knowledge of it. If you want to build a commercial inflatable water park or buy a mini park for family use, please contact Bouncia.

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