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Tips For Maintaining Inflatable Water Parks

March 21, 2023

Maintaining inflatable water parks to maximize their life span concerns water park owners. This article discusses maintaining an inflatable water park from the owner's perspective. Bouncia will cover everything you need to know about maintaining an inflatable water park in this article to run an inflatable water park that combines fun and safety.

1. Follow The Inflatable Water Park Manual

Generally speaking, when operators order inflatable water park products, the supplier will provide instruction manuals or guidelines on how to use, maintain and store the park properly. operators need to read and follow these instructions carefully. These guides will help operators know how to use the product correctly and avoid damage to the product. If an operator has any questions or concerns about the maintenance of the inflatable water park, they can contact the supplier for assistance.

2.The Sea Water Park Operators Should Remove The Barnacles Regularly

The seawater park operators should maintain a regular cleaning schedule while using the inflatable water park. We recommend you clean the aqua park every 3-4 weeks. If you install the water park in salty water, the bottom of the equipment may be invaded by barnacles. Sometimes the barnacles at the edges of the products may be sharp and hurt the guests. Moreover, if the barnacles grow too thick, cleaning is more challenging. Generally speaking, there are two methods to remove the barnacles: scraping and power washing. It is crucial to avoid damaging the surface of the inflatable water park whether you use the scraping method or the power washing method. When using the power washing method, always use the sweeping motion and constantly move to avoid holes poking into the product.

3.Store Inflatable Water Parks Properly

As we all know, inflatable water parks are seasonal products. When the inflatable water park is not in season, it should be thoroughly cleaned and dried ( if the park is not dried will make the park surface produce mottled traces). After cleaning and drying, the park should be deflated and stored in a cool, but not cold, dry place and away from direct sunlight, as this will cause the product to deteriorate faster. Furthermore, avoiding keeping the products near sharp objects or rough surfaces and avoiding being chewed by mice or other animals is also necessary.

4.Operators Should Inspect Inflatable Water Park Regularly

Regular inspections for proper inside air pressure, tears, or leaks are essential to maintaining an inflatable water park. If damage is discovered, it should be repaired using the supplier's matching repair kit as soon as possible.

5.Operators Should Inflate And Deflate The Inflatable Water Park Properly

Follow the supplier's instructions when inflating or deflating an inflatable water park. Over-inflation will cause the inflatable product to overload, resulting in severe consequences, such as exploding. In addition, under-inflation or over-inflation will cause product damage and shorten its service life.

6.Use The Inflatable Water Park Within Its Weight Limit

The product's service life will be reduced if the inflatable water park exceeds the weight limit. It's essential to use the aqua park according to the instruction of the weight limit on the owners' manual or warning label on the products. You can achieve this by controlling the number of guests and the weight of individuals.

7.Pack The Inflatable Water Park Games Properly

After the season, when you pack the water park equipment for storage, do not pack it too tight, as this could cause long-term material fatigue.

8.Pay Special Attention To Scratch And Pierce

When inflating or deflating the aqua park games on the land, moving them into or out of the water, scratch, and pierce is easy; using the ground sheet to protect and handle it carefully is very important to avoid scratch and pierce.

9.Be cautious when leaving the water park on the water in winter

Some water park owners choose to leave the park on the water in winter to save time for collection. Please note if your temperature often achieves or is below zero, leaving the equipment on the water will reduce the life span of the products.

By following the above tips, you can help to extend the service life of your inflatable water park equipment. If you have other experience about maintaining the inflatable water park, please share with us. You may also be interested in how to clean the inflatable water park. Please head to https://www.bouncia.com.cn/how-to-clean-inflatable-water-park

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