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Inflatable water ziplines need parts like pulleys, carriers, and cables to work together. 

The pulley is a crucial part of an inflatable water zipline, allowing the rider to move smoothly along the cable. The pulley is attached to the carrier and moves freely along the line, allowing the rider to slide from one end of the zipline to the other. Our pulley is made of high-strength stainless steel material.

The carrier is part of an inflatable zipline holding the pulley and cable.


The cable is the main component of the inflatable zipline and is responsible for supporting the rider's weight. It is made of durable steel. The cable is attached to both the starting and ending points of the zipline. It is important to ensure the cable is in good condition for the rider's safety. Due to continuous friction, the cables will become loose after some time of use. 2-3 sets of spare cables are necessary to ensure the zipline can be used smoothly. 

All these parts are made to replace parts on Bouncia inflatable water zipline. Please get in touch with your Bouncia sales representative or leave a message if you need one or all of the parts.

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