Bouncia is a manufacturer specializing in the design and production of inflatable water parks and air-sealed inflatables. Located in Guangzhou, China, Bouncia is approximately thirty minutes from Baiyun International Airport. Our company covers seven thousand square meters and has seventy-two employees.


Founded in 2014, we are the Chinese supplier with the largest number of floating water park projects in multiple countries, Harrison Water Park in Canada, Melbourne Cable Park in Australia, and Wam Park in France.

Strict quality control is our top priority. All Bouncia water park items consist of customized anti-U V material with a life span that is 30-50% longer than the typical material that most suppliers use. All of our single standard elements pass stringent tests against E N I S O 2 5 6 4 9 by T U V.


Free customized design solutions are one of our advantages. We have offer water park solutions for clients from countries worldwide. These parks are successful and unique. We are proud to say that we are the leading expert on customized inflatable water parks.


In addition to customized solutions, we also provide standard water park options with various capacities and offer a quick delivery service.


Compared with other Chinese suppliers, our strict quality control is our advantage; compared with other brand suppliers, direct factory price is our advantage. If you have a water park area, come to Bouncia, and we will design a satisfactory solution for you!

History of Bouncia


Bouncia was founded as a trading company when it was discovered that there was no supplier specializing in floating inflatables in China. We thought this is an opportunity.


To offer better service and quality to each client, we started our inflatable water park and other customized air-sealed inflatables factory.


Bouncia moved to a larger factory and started OEM service for a German brand.  Our staff members increased from thirty to forty-five.


Bouncia passed the TUV factory audit for German client TUV certificates.


Our factory facility grew from 3,500 square meters to 7,000 square meters. The staff increased from 45 to 60 and earned a TUV certificate for each standard water park element.


Attended IAAPA Asia exibition.


Attended Dubai Deal exibition in March.

Attended IAAPA Asia exibition in June, 

IAAPA Europe exibition in September.

Company Values


1. Bouncia believes that whether at work or in your daily life, keep your word and do what you say you will do. Honor your promises, and once committed, go all out. If a promise cannot be fulfilled due to objective reasons, advance notice will be given to the concerned party to make suitable arrangements. 2. Be responsible to customers, never make promises we cannot keep. 3. Never disclose confidential company information.

Put the Customer First

1. Quick response to customers, reply within twenty hours during workdays. 2. Always think from the customer’s point of view, strive to create value for customers. 3. Face customer complaints positively and calmly, then work out a solution and improvement measures, never delaying or shifting responsibilities. 4. Respect the customer’s culture, pay attention to the customer’s experience.


1. Smile at life and work, keep a positive mental attitude.

2. Never flinch in the face of difficulties; look for solution positively.

3. Accept new things actively.

Never Give up

1. Keep following up with potential customers.

2. Persist toward the completion of goals.

To be the most popular

inflatable water sports supplier

To be a respected company

To be a happy family of staff

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