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How To Choose An Inflatable Water Park Location?

October 12, 2022

How to choose an inflatable water park location?

What is the most profitable business in summer? The inflatable water park is definitely one of the most profitable one if you get the right location. We have clients with good locations and capable teams to get the water park payback in one week during kids summer holiday. So one of the most important factor for your floating water park business is location, location, location! 

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Then how to choose the proper location for an inflatable water park? As a manufacturer with large number of inflatable water park projects around the world, Bouncia conducted a thorough survey of inflatable water park locations. If you want to start an inflatable water park business but don’t know how to choose a proper location, this article may help you out.


1. Weather conditions

One of the most important factors influencing the operation of an inflatable water park is the weather. As a result, when designing an inflatable water park, the meteorological conditions of the project location must be considered. In addition to our extensive inflatable water park project service experience, you should consider the number of days when the temperature exceeds 27°C, the rainy days in summer the frequency of severe weather events such as typhoons and so on.

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2. Infrastructure of the water park location

Inflatable water parks are typically located near large cities with relatively developed economies and a high tourist population, or in areas with convenient transportation infrastructure and public transportation systems. In addition, you must ensure that your park's supporting facilities, such as drainage, food, power are convenient, safe, and complete. These infrastructures ensure that your inflatable water park will be able to attract visitors. We once have a client in Cambodia, their location is very beautiful and the water is very clean, but there is about 2 kilometers muddy road to the park, so they do not have many repeat customers.

Sufficient parking space is also a important factor that you need to consider when choosing a floating water park location.

If it’s possible, looking for a location which has other water sports business is a good choice. Because normally the infrastructure should be ok.

3. Ambient environment of the location

If the location that you are going to choose is very close to residential area, you need to make sure the residents will not prevent you to start the business. We once have a client had to find another location because of the local people objected to the operation of the water park. They think it’s noisy and not good for environment.

4. Social economic Condition

Inflatable water parks are heavily influenced by the social economy due to their characteristics of high investment and high consumption. As a result, when deciding on the site of the water park, areas with a developed economy and a large population should be prioritized, and the local economic development level, income, and consumption ability should be thoroughly assessed. Inflatable water parks are typically found on the outskirts of major cities. A proper distance from the downtown is within 1 hour, which most people can accept.


5. The Choice of Water Area for Your Water Park

According to our project experience, inflatable water parks are commonly installed in bodies of water such as seas, lakes, and swimming pools. Considering of easier operation and safety water depth of most giant water park element, the good water depth is 2-5 meters. Because the inflatable water park is sensitive to sharp objects, as a result, it is necessary to clear the sharp objects when installing the inflatable water park to ensure that the product is not scratched and, on the other hand, to ensure the safety of tourists during operation.


Another important factor is the water quality, location with clear water usually attract more visitors.

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Above are 5 tips for choosing a proper inflatable water park location, hope it can be some help during your process of planning an inflatable water park business.


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