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  • Giant Inflatable Water Tower With Slide And Jumping Platform
    Giant Inflatable Water Tower With Slide And Jumping Platform
    This is a giant inflatable water park item with diving, climbing and sliding combo. Its different gameplay is enough to attract people's curiosity. You can either connect it with a runway to the water park combination or just use it as a stand-alone item. The Giant water tower slide is 14.9 meters long and 7.7 meters high, which is big enough to attract visitor’s attention. The required safe water depth is 4.75m. If your water depth is not enough, you can tell us your deepest water for this tower, then we can customize the proper dimension for you.The overall product is composed of 2 slides, one climbing stairs and one jumping platform. Are you brave enough to jump down on the platform of more than 7 meters high? This will be a good gimmick that attracts customers to challenge. If you use this advertising word, according to our service experience, we believe that there will be many challengers to challenge this big product.Our customers gave a lot of good feedback on this giant inflatable tower slide. It is an attractive item, and it will also become a hot spot in your inflatable water park. Diving, Jumping, climbing, sliding and other tricks can be unlocked on giant water Tower slide! It is a giant inflatable product worth your try and order. If you want to learn more about this giant inflatable water tower slides, please message down, we will come back to you as soon as we get your message.
  • Giant Inflatable Floating Water Double Slides For Sale
    Giant Inflatable Floating Water Double Slides For Sale
    With the growing popularity of water parks, inflatable water slides have gradually evolved into the primary attractions of inflatable water parks. Do you think that traditional slides are not exciting enough? Why not try this Giant Floating Double Slide designed by Bouncia? The Giant Floating Double Slide from Bouncia is a thrilling inflatable water game, which will be an attractive and exciting water toy for your inflatable water park. As you can tell from its name, the Giant Floating Double Slide is a giant inflatable water game with 2 extra long slide. It is 17 meters long, 13 meters wide and 10 meters high. The Giant Floating Double Slide has a 6.9 meters high platform, which can let visitors achieve the tricks of  diving, jumping and so on. You might want to ask that how visitors can go up this Giant Floating Double Slide. Behind the two slides are two ladders that visitors can climb up to the platform of the slide. 
  • Funny single inflatable water game toys
    Funny single inflatable water game toys
    inflatable floating water park for sale
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