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Bouncia mini games inflatable water playground series for kids

Bouncia mini games inflatable water playground series for kids

Bouncia mini games inflatable water playground series for kids

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Jungle Bar
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PVC bag
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By sea, by air or by express
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EXW, FOB, CFR are optional
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T/T, Credit Card or L/C (45% deposit, balance before shipment)
7-10 days, the final delivery time need to be checked before order
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Company Advantages
1. inflatable water playground , whose key component is aqua park , has a good performance on inflatable water park factory . The originally designed double connection systems make the whole water park very stable and robust even in the bad weather
2. The product can be generally used for more than 500 times, which is a really worth investment for people in the long term sense. Our Inflatable Water Park achieves to a high level in terms of quality and safety
3. The product features an easy operation. It has a relatively simple operating system combining a powerful processing flow and provides simple operation instruction. Our Inflatable Water Park has similar quality as famous brand but only 1/3 price

Kind Reminder: If you find photos or videos of this product on other supplier's website, that is a copy. All the designs 

and pictures on this page are originally produced and made by Bouncia. We can provide proof.

Test your arms strength along these bars from one end to another end! If you can go through successfully, you beat 80% players.

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PhotoDescriptionSize(Meter)Min Water depth(m)
Bouncia mini games inflatable water playground series for kids-5

Jungle Bar


2.2m  (7.2 ft)


Anti-UV&heat resistance material: Bouncia use customized anti UV&heat material makes the life span of the floating water park 30%-50% longer than normal material that most suppliers have been using, especially for the strong UV and high temperature area.

❈  details of inflatable water games

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color swatch

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repair kits

Bouncia mini games inflatable water playground series for kids-8

air pump

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anchor ring

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air valve 

Company Features
1. Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd is adept at manufacturing premium inflatable water playground for years of development.
2. Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd has advanced computer-controlled machines and blameless checking equipment for best inflatable water slide production.
3. The vision of Bouncia is to become a well-known brand in the world. Please contact.
With the market being saturated with worthless reality television shows, and garden variety sitcoms that go nowhere, Code Monkeys is a refreshing and wonderful comedy for adults. The show has a very unique presentation in that it is animated in the style of an 8-bit video game, the characters themselves being edited River City Ransom sprites. The story is about a fictional video game company during the Atari age of video games, though the show makes many referrences to current video games and technology. The show is somewhat reminscent of a sprite comic that teenagers typically make on the internet, but the difference is this show is ACTUALLY funny AND creative. If you enjoy shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast, or Sealab 2021, or if you enjoy comedy that waxes nostalgic with the old 8 bit games you played as a kid, I guarantee Code Monkeys will quickly become a favorite show for you.
My favorite G4 show. Now I'm just waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD.
Love this show. Can't find the show digitally so I bought this. Worth the money.
This is a great cartoon for the xennial generation. iI combines tech nostalgia and pop culture humor into one awkwardly funny cartoon.
Code Monkeys is one of the best animation based on video games. The story takes place in the 80s and has references to a lot of the moves, games and music that came out during that time with hints to games that come out in the 90s and 2000s. It is an entertaining show of rejects with a lot of sexual and poop jokes. I still enjoy watching it still.
Bought this as a christmas gift for someone who is a fan of gaming and he loves it. I also recommend this to anyone for themselves if they are a fan of gaming.
great show
My son loves this show...I've ordered Season 2 as well. I gave them to him for Christmas and he said it was the best gift.
This show was awesome. I wish they'd release season two. My husband's a programmer so we loved it lol. It's hard to find.
because it is a short live tv show but it is kick ass in it own way. so like or love it.
Very amusing series for the 20's to 30's generation.
Code Monkeys is not only an nostalgic recreation of the game industries earliest days, but a concept of what the world would be like if it were a video game. From the literal "Pause" in commercial breaks to scoring points through out each episode. Every episode plays (figuratively) close to an actual 8 bit game from the "boing" effect of a jump to losing a heart of life to crashing into a wall. Often at times we'll see memorable people such as Steve Wozniak and the cast of Red vs Blue from Rooster Teeth providing voices. As well as big game homage scenes from Mario, Megaman, God of War, Odd World and many more.
I cannot say enough good things about this great show. It is funny and has so many memorable characters. I was very sad when this ended with only 2 seasons and it was because of G4's horrible ratings all around for the shows being canceled. Do not hesitate watching this if you get the chance!
i started watching this show from the first episode and it is one of the funniest things you can find on tv today specially if your a gamer. the references and jokes towards games/people of the past and present are hilarious. ill definitely be buying this set when its released. if your a gamer or fan of animation do yourself a favor and pick this one up!. also dont forget to catch season 2 currently airing new episodes on G4TV sunday nights at 10pm.
ORDERED = 06/15/2016 || SELLER = MightySilver || PAID = $13.68 (Beware of Seller changes! That's how you can get burned!) :: PROS :: 1.) Offensive, irreverent & outlandish, like a true video game cartoon should be! 2.) Takes Old-School gamers down memory lane. 3.) Early Dana in his prime, just hilarious for fans of games, ATHF, G4 TV and 8-Bit games. 4.) Episodes have surprising guests, you won't believe who does cameos in this show! 5.) TRUE GAMING FANS CARTOON - Normal people will hate this ;) :: CONS :: (Not really any cons, but let me list some things anyway...) 1.) WHERE IS SEASON 2!?!??!? 2.) NETFLIX REMOVES SHOWS I LIKE ALL THE TIME AND I CANCELLED THEM BECAUSE OF IT!!! :: OVERALL :: Funny, good production values despite it's age & 8-bit influence. This show is a must have for fans of DANA and shows like Aqua Teens, Sea Lab 2021 or other similar cartoons. I wish season 2 was out - "Cock Goblin" Episode is classic!!!
Code Monkey like Fritos Code Monkey like Tab and Mountain Dew Consumer like this show a whole lot! Too bad G4 went the way of the dinosaur. Too bad this show doesn't have a physical 2nd season available on DVD. This show takes some getting used to, but after you get into the first couple of episodes you'll basically be watching the funniest 8 bit video game tv show you've ever seen. So many references to old school video games! Any gamer/nerd will love this show, or at least they should! There's a lot of potty humor here, but all in all it's funny to see the boundaries that were pushed, and the things they were able to get away with in the cartoon realm. Anyone in an IT related field should pick this up.
The show itself is hilarious and worthy of a five star rating, and I really wish they had made Season 2 available on DVD/Bluray as well. I'm not all that knowledgeable on video editing, encoding and so on, so I'm probably going to misuse a few terms here, but there is one big issue here. I honestly can't remember if this was present when the series was airing on TV, but about half the episodes on the DVD have some serious encoding/aritfacting issues that make them REALLY hard on the eyes at times. At first, I thought I had made a mistake while ripping the episodes off the disc or while re-encoding them, but when I went back and watched the episodes straight off the disc the problem was still present (even using different devices to play the disc). I honestly can't explain the issue in words, but it's enough to give me a headache while watching the episodes afflicted by it.
Great show if you grew up during the commadore era.
hilarious series
Arrived as new with no cosmetic or packaging issues.
Amazing show. I really want season 2. If only they would bring it back on netflix it too......
I remembered this when I was younger and was so happy to find it for such an affordable price that arrived alot sooner then I had expected it to. While not for everyone this series was very entertaining and reminded me of alot.
Imagine the irreverence of South Park meeting the 8-bit world of computer gaming and you get Code Monkeys.
My friend really want this movie. He has watch it at least 5 times, since I gave it to him. Thank you for the wonderful service. If you like video games and comedy in one , it's like south park. (not for kids)
Code Monkeys, a show animated in 8-bit video game style (complete with health bar and points at the top) takes place in the early 80's during the video game boom and is about a fictional video game company called Gameavision. The main characters are Dave, a slacker pothead who's always causing trouble, but is probably one of the best programmers there, and his best friend and fellow programmer Jerry, a clean-cut, responsible anxiety-filled guy who usually ends up having to clean up Dave's mess. Several other hilarious characters in the show include Larrity, a Texas billionaire who runs Gameavision (poorly); Dean, Mr. Larrity's dimwitted son; Mary, the company's only female programmer; and Todd, a programmer who loves fantasy/role-playing games and nachos a little too much. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or just a casual fan with a good sense of humor, you have to check out Code Monkeys! The animation is very simple and brilliant at the same time. The writing is suprisingly well done, and it's one of the most original shows I've seen in a long time! I highly recommend Come Monkeys Season 1. There's also lots of extras including, games, deleted scenes, commercials for fake Gameavision games, downloads for your computer, and more!
Funny show if your into the 80's videogame style animation with slight potty mouth sad they didnt release season 2 on dvd it is available on netflix instant stream.
A really funny show that a lot of people who are into video games will enjoy and even some people who aren't will as well. The humor can be pretty childish at times but at the same time it always remains pretty lighthearted and never takes itself too seriously. I definitely recommend this series to anyone with a good sense of humor who enjoys video games.
Great show has great cast and realy funny story line
Excellent tv show! If you love classic video games, crude humor, and animation, then this show is for you. Take 1 part Atari, 1 part Nintendo, and 1 part south park, stir it all together and you get this greatly underrated show from G4 Tv's classic night time line up!
I purchased this for my son. He really enjoys this series. I personally cannot rate the content but to say that he is happy with it!
I love this series with the passion of a thousand suns, still to this day i wish it never was canceled, very satisfied!
i loved watching this show when i was in school because it was on G4. i couldn't stop laughing while i watched the show. it was a show that took place a gameavision in the 80s. the charm of it was that it looked like an 8-bit video game (just like how video games were in the 80s)
Wish season 2 was on DVD!
Love this show wish season 2 was on disk. Had to get it after Netflix dropped it.
Everyone should watch!!!!!
This show has everything a gamer would like strippers hitler a few douces in the brownie bowl
this show is so brilliant i am shocked to my core it made it to television. and on G4 no less, the network that apparently is trapped in a contest with mtv to see who can produve the worst television possible the fastest. a show done in classic 8-bit animation style with constant references to the best and worst video games of our youth. it speaks to the heart of true blue gamers with a sort of "office space" i hate my job quality mixed in. it follows the adventures of the two lead programmers at a "fake" company called gameavision and the rest of the staff who are various levels of crazy and entertaining. the video game related cameos are actually pretty entertaining, some great developers lend their voices to the show from time to time. Codemonkeys is a difficult show to describe, all you need to know is if you like video games, this rocks. i highly recomend buying the dvd here to avoid the painful experience of putting up with G4 comercials just to watch this awsome show. buy several copies of the dvds infact so they put more seasons out on dvd. there is nothing bad i can honestly say about this show. it's worth your time trust me.
Hilarious pop-culture laden comedy done in 8bit nintendo-vision. It's adult animation the likes of aqua teen hunger force in fact the absolute hilarity of Dana Snyder (Master Shake in ATHF) is equally if not moreso hilarious here as Todd and Benny and various bit characters. Just as with ATHF it's Snyder that makes the show with his insane and often ad-libbed ramblings.
Code Monkeys is the best thing on TV right now as far as I'm concerned. I found it by mistake while on bedrest after being hospitalized (not fun @ all). Anyway, the show is so clever and refreshingly original; I was in love almost immediately. Check it out, if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed.
Quite a few years ago, I watched both seasons of this show on Netflix before they were taken down. The pixelated art style, references to various video games, industry jokes, and guest appearances by key figures in the video game industry resonated with me as a gamer. Upon watching this for the second time in a while, it resonates with me more as an aspiring game designer. That being said, it is a shame that season 2 never saw a DVD release like this season did. Overall, Code Monkeys is an underrated gaming comedy that any gamer and game designer can appreciate.
I got to know this show due to Netflix having it maybe 2 years ago. It says show came out in 2007, I missed out on it because I'm not into cable and it was on G4. I love this show! too bad the 2nd season never made it to DVD or I would have got that also! If you love crude humor with the style of a retro video game, check this out. I always seem to like the shows no one remembers or wants :/ I honestly despise most shows on tv unless they have messed up humor.
I love this show, crude but creative humor, full of the fantastic 80's related jokes and references. I wish they would release the 2nd season on DVD or digitally, I would buy it immediately
Hilarious and very crass humor with late 80's to 90's gaming industry references and theme drawn as if the show was being played like an 8-Bit Nientendo video game I loved this show when I found it on Netflix and I had to buy it, I'm so sad that there isn't a DVD for the 2nd season.
My only complaint is that they didn't release a DVD of season 2.
Awesome! It's just as I remember watching on G4. The menus are fun too.
I absolutely love this show. It's like watching a video game which gives the whole series a very unique and refreshing feel. The extras are awesome as well.
Great show. Received exactly as ordered.
I love this show. Growing up in the 80's and being a tech-nerd definately helps. Long time video game fans, your master has arrived. One episode even features Nolan Bushnell. If you don't know who he is, you have no right to own this. So solid, so many references from film to pop culture. I highly recommend this DVD set. I cannot wait for Season 2.
it was just what my nephew wanted, couldn't ask for quicker delivery. i don't get but he dose that's all that matters.
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