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Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors

Brand Name
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
PVC bag
Shipment terms
By sea or by air
Price terms
EXW, FOB, CFR are optional
Payment Terms
T/T, Credit Card or L/C (45% deposit, balance before shipment)
stock items can be shipped immediately after receipt of payment. Non-stock items normally need 30-35 days to produce, the final delivery time need to be checked before order.
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Application Scope
The inflatable water playground produced by Bouncia Inflatables is of high quality and is widely used in the Manufacturing Inflatable Products industry.Bouncia Inflatables insists on providing customers with one-stop and complete solution from the customer's perspective.
Company Advantages
1. Bouncia inflatable water slide is strictly assessed after production. Many factors include part tolerances, size limitations, materials properties, mechanical analysis, and function realization have been analyzed.
2. With the innovative and creative functions, this product shows the charm of art.
3. People all agree that this product is a good helper for their devices. They don't have to worry about their devices will suddenly shut down.

Kind Reminder: all the designs in this module are originally designed by Bouncia and protected by law.
Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-1


Feature:Very stable eyelet+D ring+flap connection system

Overal dimensions:78mL*46mW(excludsive floating tubes)

Min. Water Depth: 2.5m/8.2ft 

Capacity :260people

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-2

Slide Tower


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-3



Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-4

Rope Swing


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-5

Octagonal Trampoline


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-6

Trampoline A


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-7

Colum Bridge


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-8

3 Caps


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-9

High Balance


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-10

Rough Path


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-11

Slipping Wave


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-12



Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-13



Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-14



Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-15

Square Corner


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-16

Spin Door


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-17

Frog Jump


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-18



Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-19

Jungle Bar


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-20

Jumping Pillow


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-21

Guard Tower


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-22

Double Ladder


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-23



Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-24

Water Roller


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-25



Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-26

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-27

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-28

❈  product advantages

1.TUV certificate for each single element against EN ISO25649

We are the only China supplier who got TUV certificate against EN ISO25649 for each Single element, this means our quality and safety achieves to a high level. This certification is very helpful for you to apply for license and buying insurance. Our high quality product also can greatly reduce the repair rate and make your business keep running smoothly.

Here are the certificate number and tracking website:

Z1 17 04 92701 002

Z1 17 12 92701 003 

Z1 092701 0004 Rev. 00

2.Anti-UV&heat resistance material

Bouncia use customized anti UV&heat material makes the life span of the floating water park 30%-50% longer than normal material that most suppliers have been using, especially for the strong UV and high temperature area.

3.Double connection systems

Bouncia originally designed double connection systems make the whole water park very stable and robust even in the bad weather. This connection system is patent protected.

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-29
Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-30
❈  details of inflatable water park equipment

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-31

color swatch

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-32

repair kits

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-33

air pump

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-34


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-35


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-36


Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-37

anchor ring

Bouncia large inflatable water slide customized for outdoors-38

air valve 

❈  FAQ

Q: What’s the life span of your water park products?

A: The normal life span is 3-5 seasons.

Q: What are your advantages comparing with your competitors?
A: Comparing with China suppliers, high quality is our advantage, we are the only China supplier who got TUV certificate for single items. Besides, we have experience 

in producing for a German brand; comparing with other brand suppliers, double connection system and direct factory price is our advantage.

Q: I found the same photos/cases of aqua park on other supplier’s website, who is real manufacturer of the parks?

A: All the actual photos/cases and designs on our website were produced or designed by Bouncia. If you find they are on anywhere else, they are copies. A good identification way is asking the supplier to provide valid evidences.

Q: Can I buy a smaller one for the 1st season and enlarge in the next season?

A: Yes,you can do so. We can make connection system accordingly when we build the park for your 1st season.

Q: Our area is very hot, what’s the temperature that your material can withstand?
A: Our material is customized anti-UV material. It can withstand -30 to 85 degrees celsius. It’s ok for Queensland Australia and Thailand weather.

 Q: Can you print my logo on the items?
A: Yes, we can print your logo at some cost. 

Q: Do I need to order spare items?
A: Yes, very essential to order some spare items to reduce the possibility of down time.

Company Features
1. Bouncia is a widely famous inflatable water slide supplier in this competitive society.
2. The company has a high-quality management team. They have a wealth of solid professional skills and expertise, rich corporate management experiences to guarantee a highly efficient executive management effect.
3. outdoor inflatable park is Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd original service philosophy, which fully shows its own superiority. Please contact us! large inflatable water park is an important action as good customer service for Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd. Please contact us!
I didn't actually buy the speaker I won it in an Amazon giveaway. I own the JBL Bluetooth speaker and I compared the two. Number one this is waterproof and the JBL is not. Number two this speaker plays loud and crisp and in my opinion it is at the very least the same quality as the much more expensive JBL I think it might be a little bit better quality. I have actually forgotten my JBL outside in the rain and rushed back outside to get it stressing whether or not it was ruined. Now that I have this one I see myself using it much more than my old one. These are great for when your out in your yard or working in the garage. I definitely recommend this product.
They while family uses and loves this Spectacular little speaker !
I love this bluetooth speaker, it is very high quality made, the sound is very clear. It definitely worth the money!
Amazing portable speaker. Surpassed my expectations. Great little Bluetooth speaker that can really put out great sound for the size! I love having this thing for my traveling work that I do and it lasts for days which is great. Very rugged and water resistant.
The sound on this little guy Sounds awesome.
Great sound! Love it!
Battery life is amazing. Sound is clear and loud, can even handle bass boosted songs
I love it and it sounds good to me nothing to dislike about it
I like it a lot, great sound.
Great little speaker—especially for the price. Sound is crisp and full, it looks great, and has a nice, solid heft to it. It's also extremely easy to pair to an iPhone. Once paired, it quickly and reliably connects to my phone when turned on. I get that Anker wants people to see their brand name and the white paint they used isn't so bright that the logo is obnoxious, but I still didn't want to look at it. So, using a metal pick in holes around the perimeter, I slowly and carefully pried off the grill. It's held in by tension and a very thin strip of black adhesive tape. Once the grill was off, I wrapped masking tape around the small ledge all the way around the grill. This was to keep from painting and ruining the black adhesive so I could reattach it later. If you use the slick, non-sticker paper from a sticker sheet you might get better results than I did. The masking tape took off a small amount of the adhesive, but it still worked. Then, with a $4 can of generic-brand metallic copper spray paint from the hardware store, I gave it a couple coats from all directions. Don't spray too heavily or you'll clog some of the small holes in the grill. IMO, it turned out perfect. Really classes up the little speaker.
I like this speaker because I can easily connect it to a Bluetooth device and move it anywhere I like around the house. I used it to connect to one of my Alexa, the sound is very clear and loud. The battery life gives me a full day of use if I listen to music but if I’m standby it gives me a couple of days before I charge it. I also used it by the pool and the beach and the sound is very powerful considering the size. I love taking it back home because my Alexa recognizes this speaker and connect flawlessly.
Awesome speaker, good quality, and easy to use.
Bass is good and bluetooth connection is strong.
Has nice sound for a small speaker. It's weight give it good base. I think it's a good buy for $29.99. Update. I bought another one to pair for steel sound. Very nice seller to work with. I feel confident buying from them again. Update. Returned one. I could not pair them. Tech support. Not able to help. The seller was great. Which I could of had two. Best seller I ever works with.
There is a lack of bass
I have been with the loudspeaker for a week and the truth is that I was impressed by the quality of the sound it has, I have seen many of the commercially known brands that do not exceed this one that has a sound quality in both Maximum and Minimum Volume (clarify). I do not charge it since the day I have it and the battery continues, I usually use it a couple of hours a day to get an idea. I was a bit afraid to put it under water, but I did it and absolutely nothing happened, anyway I do not use it usually underwater ajaj Finally, the shape and weight are ideal, it shows that they are of good material.
OK, so I was pretty skeptical. You get what you pay for, right? I was blown away with the loudness available from this little speaker. The sound quality is very good for the size of the speakers. I'm not sure it was a good idea to put the microphone in the back of the speaker, but it did seem to have decent sound quality on the call. I needed something that would stand up to the outdoors and would play loudly over ambient wind noise. So far, I'm really impressed.
Ment to get this for my husband as a Christmas gift but he opened it before. He loves it, as soon as he saw it he tested to see if it was actually water proof and it is! Sounds is great, very clear and not to mention its light weight. Over all very happy with this product great value over all
not what I expected. will keep and add to my collection
Quite good sound for such small Speaker.I try use it on rainy days on my boat.
This is such a great product. The sound quality is great! The unit was sturdy and super easy to pair. I was surprised that it even came with its own float. Great product...great price!
sound quality is more than good. speaker bass and maximum sound just amazing.very easy to connect with bluethooth and quick responding. quality of sound is excellent in any level of volume. overall look and colour really esthetic.
Great little speaker for the price. Only con for me is that it doesn't power off unless you turn it off.
Wanted to buy a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker for my self, I like listening to music. Search for several products and look at the new model. Although it is a new product, but like its design, it can be placed at will, much like a stylish handbag design, very portable. But when I got the product, I checked the sound quality, which was surprisingly good and very satisfying. There is also a provincial mode that you don't have to worry about even if you forget to turn it off, because it can be turned off automatically after 15 minutes. like very much.
I have own many bluetooth speakers, but none met my expectation. If you are like me, who like to listen to audiobooks in bathtub or in the shower, then this is the one. I love its loud volume so I can hear while water running. Other speakers I bought has soft volume.
Great Bluetooth speaker! Easy to connect and the sound quality is great! I keep it in the bathroom while I shower so I can listen to music, it's waterproof!
Excellent bluetooth speaker with a clear and powerful sound. Good position of the side controls.
The original speaker would not connect to any of the Bluetooth devices I have. Followed directions on connecting and nothing, didn't show as an available device. Using a cable connection, device does provide good sounding music. A follow-up from customer support concerning my review has resulted in them sending me a replacement speaker at no cost....Great customer support, I change my rating to 4 stars for this speakers sound and customer support.
Perfect size, and I really like the sound quality highly recommended
Let me say this I have two speaker at home and they both a take long to charge but this was charge fast and it the music plays awesome and it also work great with connecting with my Bluetooth
Great speaker! Good sound quality. Waterproof! Good battery life.
Everything I wanted and more... one little thing. It times out and shuts off after 15 minutes if you pause the music but I guess this does help in not needing to remember to shut it off.
I got 2 pieces And I used both with The TWS technology And believe me, it is something incredible, both speakers playing The same song from my Cell Phone, they were working wonderfull, súper Power !
Sound quality is acceptable. Charger is loose. Takes a while to charge If at all because of the loose connection
It is a small speaker but it is very good sound, it does not have usb plug, for that season the 4 stars star
Has a decent range for the Bluetooth connection. Works very well for the beach or by the pool!
Great would buy agian
I love this speaker it came fully charged. I used it for 3 days at maximum volume before I finally had to charge it. About 5 to 8 hours each day. I saw an another review with a person saying that you could not charge the speaker and use it at the same time this is not true, you can. but you have to plug in your phone using the phone audio cord they give you during charging time. something about charging it messes with the Bluetooth but you can play with no problem if your phone's plugged in and charge at the same time. at full volume there is zero distortion deep bass and really a bit loud. I like to have it down around halfway. Just because it's such a loud speaker.. I liked it so much I'm considering buying another one. I bought this one on sale and I'm hoping to catch another sale before Black Friday is over .the price has gone back up since my purchase but even at full price it's definitely worth it. Also I can leave my phone on charger in my bedroom and take the speaker outside my house and it still works through walls clear no skipping I even put it inside of the stackable washer and dryer. in the dryer part through three walls and inside the dryer still played and amplify the sound as if it was a super woofer LOL .PS This is the cheapest 30 watt speaker you'll find on Amazon all the rest are 20 watts in this price range if you want 30 Watts you will be paying more with a lesser Bluetooth and battery life.. the only negative I can say as of now is the instructions manual leaves a lot to be desired didn't mention how long to charge the battery when it comes or anything like that. I will say it came charged. I used it till it told me to charge it. it will notify you by saying you're down to 10% battery and it's time to charge. Also when turning on initially hold power button one long press and then it will tell you it's powering on. do the same for powering off and it will speak to you telling you powering off .when I first got it I press the power button several times short presses and the button turn green and back off .until I figure it out I had to press a long press and then it told me that it was powering on. once you initially pair your device to the speaker to your Bluetooth. Set as trusted device and then every time after that it will automatically pair it's super easy. I usually don't leave such long reviews or good ones with this much detail but I believe this is a very underrated good speaker at a great price. And I know when I buy something. I read all the reviews so hopefully this helps the person weighing their options in their purchase endeavors. At 50% volume battery supposed to last 24 hours and 50% power is pretty loud. Remember to turn up volume on device to full volume
This speaker is very loud and clear but lack of bass make me return it. I end up buying the Beast XL which is loud and clear with bass, much happier with that purchase.
Great battery life and sound clarity. Can even manage a little bit of bass for such a small device. I use it on my kayak and it will last for a couple days on all day paddles.
Have a great sound. Easy to connect with your phone. Very portable. You can leave in two different positions.
This little speaker is awesome. Very loud not bass distortion. I highly recommend this little thing. Bought it for my shop at work and it has blown everyone’s mind.
Great value. Not bad quality for the price. The range could be better, but happy with a purchase overall.
Awesome sound and very convenient to carry everywhere. Plays great and loud !!
Great sound quality for the price!
Sound is ok not very much bass kinda tiney sound, but for the price seems decent.
I wanted a quality speaker with some perks that had a good sound, enough bass and some volumn but not big. I wanted the biggest sound I could get in a small device, so I put this on my Christmas wishlist. Mom got it for me. When I felt the weight of it, I could tell it was not a cheap, flimsy device. That gave me some confidence. I played it tonight after charging it, and I must say, I am stoked! If your eyes are closed, you would think the sound was coming out of something three or four times larger. I'm definitely impressed and glad I put this one on my wishlist! It exceeded my expectations. Don't spend less and get something for $20. Spend a little bit extra. You'll find it to be worth it. Plus, it's waterproof and durable!
This is so far the best Bluetooth speaker I've come across! The bass is amazing. Great clarity, crystal clear! And the fact that it's waterproof and even comes with its own little floaty for a pool with a hand strap just blows my mind. It's very load when you want it to be. Just down right amazing.
xa0I bought this bluetooth speaker under the recommendation of a friend. My friend told me that it is waterproof. I am a bit skeptical, so I did an experiment. Please watch the video. It really didn't disappoint me. It's great. In addition, the biggest plus here with this speaker is ease of connection and its quality in that it is solidly built and durable while holding a constant connection.
Great sound,a gift to my brother,been looking forward to this purchase for a long time!
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