Amusement equipment investment square bumper cars really make money?

2019 - 06 - 27 16:10:03

square amusement is children's bumper cars, operating flexibility, small investment, money fast. Many operators are bullish on the project, design also is varied, however, a year, is I to you, is in fashion this year, those styles, many operators is more concern.     AnWei hefei customer yesterday just received bumper car, went to the square. Though the weather is a little cool, evening also seven octaves, most children is nest at home watching TV. Passed the kids see the brilliance gorgeous motos, simply can not control myself. Don't want to play, a total of more than two hours, more than 20 children play. Customers themselves see, although the first day didn't earn much money, but still have confidence in the business. Because it is the weather is cool, and the second is the children also didn't have a holiday. As for the coming tomb-sweeping day small long vacation, he is full of expectation. Believe in our products, and customer engagement. Money is no problem.     In the latest week received goods customers have gradually started to swing, in the square, once the wheels turn is money, five dollars, five minutes also have ten minutes to ten. For home baby the money isn't what, as long as the baby likes. Due to the customer order is the new bumper cars, so is very popular with children.     Manufacturer produces a fixed bumper cars are all made of drive type structure, the job after the pause briefly back when the power-off protection of motor, and soon to work. Bumper car shell using glass fiber reinforced plastic is our own production, strictly control, constant temperature closed car paint process, produce bumper cars look bright, durable, not easy fade, paint, etc. The factory has more than 1000 square equipment exhibition hall, the spot with the sample of equipment, welcome you to visit our factory test.

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