world\'s tallest water slide finally open

When no one wants to build the highest and fastest waterslide in the world, Jeff Henry built the waterslide himself.
So when Verrückt is done, it\'s time to test 168-
At his Kansas City water park, it\'s quite easy to take a roller coaster and test the rider\'s choice.
Guinea Pig: Henry, the owner of the water park and resort in schlitterbarn;
Henry\'s assistant.
John Schooley, designer.
The literal meaning is \"crazy \"(and figurative)
\"Verrückt\" is the highest and fastest waterslide ever.
See one person on a ride to the world\'s tallest swing, now open at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas.
\"It\'s terrible,\" says Schooley . \"
\"It\'s funny, but it\'s actually scary.
\"After weeks of delay, the slides were finally open to the public on Thursday, July 10.
A spokesman for the park said that due to technical failure, the original opening date for May 23 was postponed three times.
Officially certified by Verrückt-May Guinness World Records-
This is \"crazy\" in German \"--
5 feet higher than the previous record holder, a water slide for a country club in Rio.
Verrückt is 168 feet 7 inch tall.
From the point of view of free fall, it is longer than the collapse of Niagara Falls.
Schooley stressed, however, that the trip was not just a drop, there was no comparison, it called it \"extreme stimulus \".
\"You have three or four experiences on this trip,\" he said . \"\"There is a 3-
Before you go into weightlessness for a few seconds, the second free fall, then you come down like a roller coaster and splash down for a long time.
\"The Origin of Verrückt is as extreme as the ride itself.
According to Schooley, owner Henry is attending a trade show and he just decided to build the highest and fastest water slide in one of his five Schlitterbahn water parks.
He immediately marketed the idea to the rejected supplier, but he refused to be rejected.
\"He decided to build it himself,\" Schooley said . \".
\"We have a lot of experience in building water park rides and developing new technologies.
We don\'t have a height limit in our park in Kansas City, so we decided to put it here. \" Top 10 U. S.
The water park has become a striking place, and it is said that the maximum speed of Verrückt will reach 40-
50 miles per hour, slightly slower than originally expected.
The raft is also from four.
Three-man raftperson rafts.
\"We always ride first,\" Schooley said . \"
\"We found it too steep and too short.
Therefore, we can redesign it according to what we have learned.
We put two
The third slide and rebuild it into our current design.
\"This is relatively easy to do (just one drop)a long run-
\"But shooting you on another hill is very challenging,\" Schooley said . \".
Schiltterbahn is already home to Master Blaster, a uphill water roller coaster over 1,000 feet in length.
Verrückt combines the excitement of uphill with the thrill of true water skiing.
If you are brave, jump on a raft.
Schooley believes the new journey will attract exciting people from all over the world.
\"We have a number of volunteers to be the first to ride a bike,\" he said . \".
\"Roller coaster enthusiasts will have to try it out. . .
It has great potential appeal.
\"One more question: stairs.
Schooley said the climb was \"very challenging \". \"I think its (about )
260 steps to the top.
\"There are about 17 stories.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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