Why your amusement playground equipment business is not good?

2019 - 10 - 07 08:25:43

yesterday, take son to play in the yaxing square amusement equipment, found that he has no interest in. Take a look at this don't want to play, look at that don't want to play. So, I ask him, where is uncomfortable? He said, no, these I played, tired of playing, don't want to play. I carefully watched, the many varieties of amusement equipment in the square. Have a coke car, cassia seed basin, inflatable castle, bears water tanks, small storage battery, merry-go-round, children bungee jumping and so on. Why are so many kinds of amusement equipment children think no one is particularly want to play? Visible, the child also appeared fatigue, urgently need to have new amusement equipment, to meet the requirements of his new play. Whether it's in the park, or in the square, a single variety of amusement equipment already can't meet the needs of the consumers. Amusement equipment industry, like many other industries, also need to have fresh blood injected into it. Traditional amusement equipment, although there also have their own characteristics, such as a carousel, pirate ship. Children always need a new philosophy of play, however, need new amusement equipment.     Here, want to give a little amusement equipment operators are suggested. Don't always complain about why the business is not good, let you wear the same clothes every day, before long, you will bother? Let you eat the same meals each day, time is long, will bother you? Therefore, we need to constantly inject new varieties for your amusement park, new amusement equipment.
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