Why the square inflatable trampoline so popular and high praise

2019 - 02 - 25 14:31:53

nowadays, inflatable castle has become a mature rides, recognized by more and more parents to children, also became the operator trustworthy business projects. Imperceptible in, children's inflatable castles, trampoline has in various shopping malls supermarkets, square, etc. Why children's inflatable trampoline project widely sought after by the people and the high praise? It increasingly prosperous reason has the following a, children's pre-school education to cultivate more and more taken seriously by the parents, according to authorities, according to a questionnaire of 95. 2% of parents thought as important conservation and education, 95. 4% of parents think children should be in equal status of parents, 83. 6% of parents think children is important form of learning games, wang combination, with children as the main body, such as concept has been widely recognized by parents and accept, this is undoubtedly a big step forward in pre-school education. Because of this, so children's inflatable trampoline's future will be more and more wide, the market is more broad. Two more rigid, and the value orientation of the society on children have learned, to treat children accept education degree, 60. 5% of parents chose to go with the flow, to reflect the parents' education concept, constantly updated in parents realize that only children can grow in natural environment, family education environment gradually loosening, parents' education expectation, tend to be rational, 'high expectations, looking at a less-pressured' urgent psychological eased. In front of the environment of the social value orientation, and parents are more willing to also want to give the child a more natural more close to the park to educate children, thus further cultivate children's character of nature. This is a children's amusement park to join the new business opportunities in the future market prospects so widely. Three, the new inflatable trampoline are more opportunities for amusement, With the country's most professional design team, hundreds of experienced marketing team plan member fully implement differentiation marketing means to grasp the business opportunities for you. Amusement each project completely according to advanced education idea and design now, at the same time in teaching and management more scientific, compared with the traditional children's park more novel, more press close to, the more natural, more easy to cultivate children's nature, which makes the play more representative.
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