Why so many customers in the order of inflatable castle how good business

2019 - 12 - 24 14:16:58

this is obvious, women like beauty, children love to play. Wechat business has gripped in the women's heart. We need to do is capture the children's heart, that is a big move. Children will play with mobile phones, and parents often turn phones, which set up the public do inflatable castle, every play children don't accept his cash, WeChat scan, offer a couple of dollars, zha WeChat public updates in number every day, do activities, that is not easily to make money ah inflatable castle here, * * * * is small, no children don't like him. At the same time a large inflatable trampoline afraid of drag. Need to move the toys, please first to lift and move. If a drag on, time grew, easily worn out. Afraid of * * * *. In opening ceremony, guns, is inseparable from the fireworks. We have to charge the shop owner, must be far away from the large inflatable trampoline 6 meters above points to guns. If large inflatable trampoline is dirty? Flap with broom tools such as if lose material, it is clean. If it is a dirt, please wipe with wet cloth. Large inflatable castle was afraid of breaking. Like we wear clothes, it is a good material also afraid of hang to tear. When using large inflatable trampoline must avoid the hook on the branches in the air, communications cable and other sharp objects. Slide trampoline materials: PVC fabric, by quality supervision testing results show that this material for skin, non-toxic no harm for children. This material for a * * * * green inflatable cloth, good cold resistance, good flame retardancy. The installation of the inflatable castle toys: 1. Place the equipment in the flat on the ground, put a patch below the device ( Such as carpet, plastics) Then begin. 2. Find equipment inlet, outlet and fan are connected, and tied the fan mouth, then with the air inlet of tied with a rope. 3. 5 - by the blower, turning on the power supply equipment Will take ten minutes. Slide trampoline supporting the installation of the fan: 1. Choose 1 gb. 5mm? - - - - - - 4. 0mm? Several meters cable connected to the fan, the other end connection open air, and to get an electric shock protection device. 2. Before the use should check whether the power supply voltage and nameplate, direction of rotation is correct.

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