Why amusement equipment, frequent accidents? How should prevent


amusement equipment, frequent accidents, to visit people both physically and mentally have caused some damage! Playground as you find a happy place, but if there were no safety guaranteed, the happiness is impossible. Alarm bells ringing, only to find the root cause of the accident, analyze the cause of the accident, to quit, to nip in the bud! So how to prevent this kind of situation?

a prominent place, the amusement equipment installation 'passenger information' brand, do not let the passengers over the fence. On the front passenger must wait outside in the security fence, volunteer to line up, people must not go over the fence. Children accompanied by parents. No young children take rides alone.

2, to make the passengers fasten your seat belt. Before moving amusement facilities don't rob grabbed, check to see that the safe and reliable.

three, don't let visitors will reach out extravehicular parts of the body. Passengers amusement facilities, positive posture to sit in the seat, don't move, must not reach out her hand and foot, the first part to the tank, in order to avoid bruising, scratches and bruises. Do not deliberately shake the cockpit, passengers are strictly prohibited to open doors. Don't stand up. Amusement facilities in operation, must not optional stand or crouch, more are not allowed to take pictures in the running.

as people play and amusement devices, about the safety of people, before the computer, all need the boot in amusement facilities, and owing to the negligence of the operator, often can cause a tragedy!

as a result, operators and manufacturers should be strict with themselves, visit to create a good environment, guarantee the healthy and orderly development of amusement equipment industry!

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