Whether inflatable castle, the more expensive the better?

2019 - 09 - 11 15:36:29

a product model, same size inflatable castles, modelling is different, the corresponding price will be different. If shape is complex, the corresponding design and the production cost will be increased, general castle modelling is after the market much, finalize the design to ensure that on the basis of the novel, beautiful, fun, and reduce the redundancy design, ensure that the product price. Two inflatable castles, product process involving painting, sewing, heat-sealing, liquid coating line production process. Each production process will affect the price of the product. Castle castle, such as print, if print area is too large, inflatable castle costs increase, prices will increase. Three, product materials inflatable castle product material is usually with 0. 45 mm or 0. 48 mm thickness of Plato's cloth. In order to shape the pursuit of brightness, good-looking, base the pursuit of elasticity and wear resistance. Inflatable castle will be according to the different parts of the castle, with different thickness of fabric, in ensuring the castle elasticity, on the basis of ensuring the wear resistance of the castle, beautiful modelling, color bright, durable resistance to exposure, etc. Four, product accessories children inflatable castles to match fan used together, different area, different fan number match. The general area, the greater the number needed to match the fan, the more the more expensive.

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