Where is the 11th world national games?

2019 - 09 - 07 11:16:34

the national eleventh national games held in, the distance from the games main dozens of kilometers of songshan mountain, more than four thousand dengfeng tower ditch school boys has been working intensively to rehearse. 'Again tired also happy, just want to take their best performance for the event! 'The age of 16 Xiong Linfeng said. 'Heaven and earth' historical buildings in dengfeng top the list of world cultural heritage. 'Heaven and earth', not only is the geographical location, to some extent, is also in the Chinese civilization gave birth to historical contribution in the process of growing location. More than five thousand years of Chinese civilization, has more than three thousand years, is a national political, economic and cultural center, has been the national communication exchange blend for square culture together here, gave rise to the diversity in unity of the Chinese civilization. History is open inclusive, the same is true of today. Ethnic composition, in addition to the han Chinese, nearly 1. 5 million minority people, there are 55 ethnic nationalities eclectic, interdependence, mutual living on this land. 55 YiHai mention jiang · spit sent from xinjiang to nanyang jade business for many years. 'Government' three-no sorrow, four security, to ensure that minority people entrance not sorrow, don't worry, don't worry about language communication, employment security, travel security and living security, legal religious activities is guaranteed. 'YiHai 2 · spit to send jiang said, nanyang has become his second home. State the relevant person in charge of ethnic and religious affairs committee, said in the national minority tradition sports games, is the national frontier minority good chance to understand mainland, in particular, is also a province to show the good chance of development achievements, in 70 to athletes on each nationality in each region, enhance understanding, mutual learning each other to learn have a positive impact, promoting the development of national unity and progress.

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