When playing amusement equipment problem that nots allow to ignore


outdoor amusement equipment have become common, many devices have gradually in a place such as park, amusement park, square, popular with many children, and even has become the most children in the spare time or weekend time for recreation of a way, it benefits to investors is good. On children's amusement equipment operators is a good time to make money!

although is come out to play with the children, parents want to relax, but children playing with some problems also note:

1, make sure your child has been in my line of sight range.

2, such as inflatable castles, trampoline, many children like, so there are a lot of people, don't let the children to play as much as possible. Especially children less than three years old.

3, amusement equipment in the square, but there are many. So it is important to pay special attention to the friends of security.

4, play in the playground, after go home, remember must give the children to wash their hands, to avoid germs.

although the children in the square to play of very happy, but your mother cannot relax vigilance to protect your baby. In the face of all kinds of amusement equipment is also carefully selected,. I hope you parents to understand the above considerations. To better protect children let children have more joy.

specializing in large square amusement equipment, inflatable amusement, inflatable jumping bed, inflatable storage battery. Main products: inflatable toys, air cushion bed, trampoline, rainbow arches, columns, air wuxing, cartoon mascot, inflatable model, the activities of cartoon gas mold, all kinds of inflatable water products, inflatable fishing pond, water walking ball, lawn bowls, etc. Products selected materials are PVC, PE composite film, Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth, waterproof TPU, pervious to light gas model special materials such as Oxford cloth. Seek development by innovation, strives for the survival by the quality of the principle, create greater social value for the society.

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