When New Year will be to give yourself the playground inject new amusement equipment

11 - 22 10:18:53

the new royal carriage bumper cars appeared, adopts brushless motor, 4 pieces of 20 battery this vivid royal carriage bumper cars are very popular in the square. Royal carriage with analog sound, children play can increase a child's puzzle, royal carriage appearance image is clear, very brilliant, attract people attention, can take 4 people, amusement production more royal carriages motos adopt new one color of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, fun and interesting, wear-resisting resistance to bump, battery USES the national well-known brand - — Stronger amd battery, battery life, charging can use 3 - at a time About five hours. Don't have to worry for the battery power is not enough use! And the royal carriage bumper cars are lights, music, and can control the time of the car, operation and management are very convenient. The royal carriage bumper car is a new car, can rotate 360 degrees drift, more attractive to children.

we really is to hope that we can have our own to the children's amusement market. Of the children can not only be operated bumper car tank and can be to make more children amusement tanks bumper car is really very good equipment. Our this product is really to children play and all of us to more equipment to get their consistent recognition of very great product equipment to very have their own opinions we hope you can understand.

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