When children's amusement equipment selection should pay attention to what?

2019 - 09 - 09 10:50:26

now there are a lot of children's amusement equipment, so children's amusement equipment at the time of production should pay attention to what principle? Small make up for you to explain & emsp;   A, the principle of safety & emsp;   The choice of children's activity should try to stay away from the roadway and surrounding environment more cluttered, staff liquidity is bigger in public places. Secondly also attaches great importance to the activities of equipment safety and the safety of the children's amusement equipment detail design. If can't appear dangerous projections, sharp edges, to avoid accident harm when children play.     Second, based on children's principles & emsp;   Children's amusement equipment design of all kinds of activity space and play facilities layout to meet the physical characteristics of children group, activity scale.     Three, the principle of fun

& emsp;   Considering the diversity of the children's activities, participatory design should pay attention to children's amusement equipment, diversity, more interesting and knowledgeable. Create comfortable fully functional activities for children, let the children in the amusement knowledge growth.

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