When children play amusement equipment what to notice?

2019 - 10 - 23 15:11:40

now square park there are a lot of amusement equipment, there are a lot of operators will ignore the maintenance of equipment, this time the parents a lot of care will be needed, before the children play, parents are able to achieve best check safety situation of the equipment, in order to avoid the problems appeared in the process of children are playing.

the children at play, before parents friends should pay attention to the inflatable slide, steel bungee jumping, atv and other part on the edge of the equipment check whether there is a rusting or sharp protrusion, once found to stop to let children play, or in other products. There is before the children to play, need to pay attention to bungee jumping rope is strong, have wear phenomenon, under the premise of safety play just rest assured.

before the children are playing in the inflatable slide, parents need to pay attention to his friends, if the slide surface is too slippery children is not easy to control, so the best way is to the parents can together, that's good to ensure the safety of the baby, and it is also in order to prevent the baby at the time of fear, parents can take immediate action.

second, too ordinary products, for children now appeal may be not so big. When choosing children's amusement equipment, therefore, operators pay more attention to its appearance, shape, whether to have their own characteristics. General with the most popular design or combination of cartoon image, let the children.

amusement equipment in the market competition is fierce, some enterprises in order to reduce costs, might use some of the less qualified material, so it is easy to lead to the operator. For this reminder need to formal manufacturers to buy.

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