When children play amusement equipment should pay attention to what problem?

2019 - 10 - 31 15:57:13

with the improvement of people's lives, parents of children in the care of constantly improve, with the development of amusement equipment, parents began to take their children to play the amusement equipment.

1。 To read the game before playing the amusement equipment, according to the requirements of the children's age, height, etc to choose. Don't give children choose appropriate amusement equipment.

2。 Because based on the number of many, and the age difference is very big, so having bigger of the two children were playing is the best for their children to give way, if their children more and more naughty, should pay attention to guide more don't hurt the children around, avoid disputes between parents.

3。 。 When playing slide to teach their children not to climb from the chute mouth, should leave quickly after sliding down the slide, so as to avoid the back slide down the children's collision damage.

4。 When playing bumper cars, fasten your seat belt, and should give the children a play can't do too violent collision, especially frontal crash. Don't visit their satisfy, but also consider the bear ability of children.

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