What to do if it is incomplete inflatable pool and slide delivery?

If the quantity of inflatable pool and slide is not correct as you need, please contact us as soon as possible. When you receive the goods, we suggest that you inspect them to make sure the quantity and quality. As a professional manufacturer, we check the quantity and test the quality of the products strictly before shipment. If you find out the goods are incomplete, we will immediately verify it.

Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd is a leading company in water park equipment manufacturers realm with its flagship product being inflatable water park. The inflatable floating water park series is shown as follows. All our single elements passed stringent TUV test against EN15649. . Thanks to the efforts of our experienced team, inflatable floating water park,small inflatable water park we manufacture is of small inflatable water park . Superb as quality of giant inflatable is, Bouncia also builds a quality control system. Our Inflatable Water Park is especially suitable for the strong UV and high temperature area.

Bouncia always insists inflatable floating water park above all. Ask online!
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