What kind of new amusement equipment operate up more money

2019 - 10 - 05 08:12:48

what kind of new amusement equipment management which pick up more money what kind of new amusement equipment to have an advantage? About the capital contribution by the amusement equipment, amusement park planning, with the subject of parent-child play is a good idea to: 1, parents and children playground selected equipment to be able to let the parents to participate, basically so that parents can attach importance to the safety of the children, moment to make the response of the risk, the children will also be able to together with parents to cultivate feelings, absorb new ideas, new thinking, new pattern, concerned with children's education, children with food, children's entertainment, and other industrial integration, fat itself, improve the competitiveness. Indoor new amusement equipment project should have some characteristics and advantages. 2 luxury carousel, indoor new amusement equipment in all resource elements are inspiring children independent selection, supply broad opportunity for the child, enjoy a variety of sensory experience, release the child's curiosity, make indoor children's park to create a parent-child playground is according to the children's international view, 3, parent-child amusement places selected new amusement equipment subject diversity, for example: ocean theme, village theme, theme, forest candy theme, children's physical paradise, satisfy all tastes and the disadvantages of losing customers. 4, can create for children international, a different game project, let the children play in imperceptible in facing a battle, bear and then dig the potential of children. 5, when children are devoting themselves to their children's paradise indoor recreation environment, will soon be able to foster children in infinite happy knowledge innovation. 6, selecting are some fresh endowed with sex to tackle the new amusement equipment, 100% to ensure the safety of the children with problems, make parents centering the children on the playground to play inside. Conducive to the growth of the children healthy and happy environment.
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