What is naughty castle


naughty castle is in a three-dimensional space use a variety of amusement equipment ( Electric coconut trees, octopus octopus, water bed, animal carousel, water roller, inflatable paradise, ocean ball pool, trampoline, carbine, cannon, ladder, wooden bridge, far away. rainbow bridge, the tunnel of time and space, the sky platform, jungle treasure, digital games, rocking horse, basin, etc. ) Combination of comprehensive amusement park, here is all kinds of colour clever collocation to build a set of educational, amusement, sports, interest, and many other functions in a body's comprehensive amusement places children.

naughty castle is a combination of children like jumping, climbing, drill, sliding, rolling, swing, wave nature. Naughty castle inside of the many attractions, children can enjoy playing, can climb, can jump, can climb, drill, can slide, can roll, swing, can let the children love to play, and can play while play competitive strength, the development intelligence, exercise perseverance, get all-round development of body and mind.

naughty castle park is just began to enter the market over the past two years of the new investment projects. Since going public widely loved by children and parents. Naughty castle project in shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, community, such as children's intensive place is suitable for installation, high return on investment! Indoor naughty castle park is not restricted by field size and shape. We have a professional installation personnel, work experience, can be installed in any plot structure. Simple, less investment, no power plant, management loss is low, the profit is higher. For now is a good investment projects.

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