What is amusement and recreation facilities?

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with the expression of people thinking of various solid state form and purpose ( Such as a mouse or a plane) By modern technology and the scientific method (' Sound, light, electricity, machinery, electrical, swimming, etc. ) Implement and complete, and then reaction (by people's perception Before and after the crazy mouse or complete plane) To achieve vivid, interesting type of equipment or facilities.     Amusement machine and the classification of the facility?     Amusement machine and facilities can be roughly divided into: rotary motion, orbit, paddle, ground movement, electronic game entertainment, dreamy simulation, inflatable bounce, sports, leisure, entertainment, etc.

now included in the quality and technical supervision departments of safety supervision amusement facilities and passenger ropeway range? 1. Rides: carousel, taxi, view the cable car, control plane, gyro, flight tower, aerial bus, car, train, bumper cars, battery cars, water recreation ( Except water skis, yacht and boat) , slide, slide rope, bungee jumping and other unpowered class amusement facilities ( Children with combination except amusement facilities) The biggest linear velocity, its operation is not less than 5 km/hour or an hour running height 2 meters above the ground and amusement facilities. 2. Passenger ropeway. Passenger aerial ropeway, passenger lift and drag with cableway, manned cableway ( The cable car) 。

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