What is a novel amusement equipment, new amusement equipment, how to set

2020 - 03 - 24 09:17:50

many amusement equipment, so now the amusement equipment in the design of the above must be eye-catching, so new amusement equipment, how to design? What techniques designed to hold?

  First of all, children's amusement facilities is the partner of children grow up, the design of children's amusement facilities should help children's physical, psychological and social three aspects of the comprehensive development.

  Secondly, children's amusement facilities and design and decorating game area should pay attention to the be fond of of children of amusement facilities, more than in the city design contains natural elements of the amusement facilities. Because, compared with electric toy park facilities and electric machine facilities, children prefer to close and close to nature.

  Again, in the countryside, few specially provide amusement facilities for children. The children raised in the countryside is better in a country full of natural environment! The field! The mountains! The crook to discover and explore for the game and play facilities; To make a 'toy' of their own ability strong; Than children growing up in the city, they have a strong body and a more open mind, honest character is easy to get along with people! Don't effeminacy can bear.

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