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Has been to many famous exhibitions not only domestically and internationally. Our company has grown rapidly since establishment, which allows us to participate in many famous exhibitions at home and abroad to advertise our superior inflatable obstacles . By attending exhibitions, an increasing number of customers get to know more information about our products and we have attracted long-term business partners and clients.

Guangzhou Bouncia Inflatables Co.,Ltd is one of the growing number of inflatable water park company trying to tame costumers' water park equipment manufacturers. The inflatable water park in stock series is shown as follows. Our Inflatable Water Park has similar quality as famous brand but only 1/3 price. . The core component of inflatable water park,water park equipment manufacturers is excellent, primarily shows in water park equipment manufacturers. With professional technical support, inflatable floating water park can be workable for very long time. Our high quality Inflatable Water Park can greatly reduce the repair rate and make your business keep running smoothly.

Bouncia will serve our customers with heart and soul. Check it!
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