What are the problems should be paid attention to playing children's amusement equipment

2019 - 10 - 06 11:20:35

before a lot of families are only children, children seldom chance to communicate with people and playing, now with the opening up of the two-child policy, parents pay more and more attention to children's all-round development. Now more and more parents began to take their children to play some of the children's playground, a lot of children gathered together playing amusement equipment, be in harmony between children can have a good to play and communicate with other children, children can have an independent space, also for the child to build a positive environment, loose and free mind.

so amusement equipment in the later operation process, after a long time after the equipment will be more or less a few small problems, sometimes is in their own maintenance problems sometimes visit because some improper operation equipment to stop running, serious will appear more serious phenomenon, so we face these emergency parents do? Small make up to you in detail some of the conventional approach to facilitate everybody understanding:

1. Before playing children's amusement equipment, parents need to check whether a child amusement equipment with sharp objects, sometimes some knives and other sharp objects will stop running equipment, so we need to check the money into the playground, also double safety for your child, parents also rest assured.

2。 Children play in the amusement equipment, try not to make or do not large floating motion, because the device has its own operation rule, and children playing back and forth floating big shake will easily under the condition of equipment, cause unnecessary loss, the other is winter now, kids wear thick movement is not convenient, so parents and administrators to keep the children around, in order to have any situation can response to protect the safety of children.

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