What are the outdoor playground equipment? What are the most popular outdoor amusement equipment


family with a special focus on children's outdoor play, there are more and more outdoor recreation, so what are the outdoor amusement equipment? Here is a children's bumper car manufacturers to everyone: what are the most popular outdoor amusement equipment.

according to statistics, at present the most popular outdoor amusement equipment is the children's bumper cars, children's bumper cars applicability widely, shopping malls, square, residential area can be used, do not need too much investment, early can buy two sets of investment.

outdoor amusement equipment bumper cars for children to driving experience, parent-child interaction together, increase the emotion. Children's bumper cars amusement equipment flexibility is strong, body can move backward, the stimulation of different experience to the child.

the last remind everybody, now runs many outdoor amusement equipment factory factories, the production of outdoor amusement equipment, whether to pay attention to safety, so the outdoor playground equipment in the design of time need to pay attention to what security measures.

  1, may hands grip the child, must put an end to the arms and legs, top part.

  2, swing machine, bumper cars and so on must take into account the cushioning property of amusement equipment.

  3, the metal parts are not allowed to have sharp exposed, such as screws, etc. , in one thousand the child's clothes will harm the children, exposed part can cover with lid.

  4, when select material should use high performance, high quality and good durability.

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