What are the implications outdoor business bumper cars?


motos amusement equipment is a very exciting rides, whether adults or children are all like to play equipment, the car either indoors or outdoors can play to have fun playing, words don't have to bear the weather problems in the interior management, so the outdoor business will be affected by the weather? Rides, bumper car manufacturers to share the below factors.

  Business battery bumper car encountered strong winds in the outdoor weather is easy to affect the mood of the tourists to play, and who freezing in winter will be very few, in winter operating need to preheat a period of time to ensure our normal and safe running. Summer visitors we will more commonly, this time our maintenance frequency of bumper cars will increase, for indoor operating businesses affected by the weather will be small, but the price will be expensive to operate in indoor touch car some investment also want to some more.

  For businesses operating ground net bumper car will stop running in thunderstorm weather, weather is back to normal after to ground net bumper car line for maintenance. Fixed the car need in special ground, stronger than battery car crash, is a kind of participation entertainment equipment, tourists driving in person, touch, rub, left, right, the creeping is exciting.

  Amusement equipment motos rules of the game are: the driver can be driving any shuttle, can also be used in the court at random collisions, the opponent's car collision. When time is up, turn off the power at the end of the game operators. Technical parameters: specifications: 1. 90×1. 10×0. 9 meters, the crew 2 people, limit load of 150 kg, working voltage 24 v, 200 w, can run continuously for 11 hours. Around the bumper car is a kind of mobile games facilities, made of rubber tire anti-collision buffer, a car can take two people, has accelerated with the feet, and turn the steering wheel.

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