What are the equipment suitable for square business?

2019 - 09 - 26 14:08:52

children's amusement facilities as a kind of fun toys, can attract children to play good, for series of outdoor equipment and more children play in play with children's amusement equipment, children's amusement facilities, also can let children playing by their arms and legs a workout, let the children can more healthy growth.

so what are the children's amusement equipment suitable for square?   1, the carousel. Carousel in amusement project is a common, but its equipment complex, covering an area of relatively large. Is suitable for the venue, relatively fixed. Equipment investment income is higher, is very suitable for square operating an amusement equipment.   2, inflatable castle, also called inflatable trampoline. Inflatable castle as children love to play equipment, in almost all a lot of places can see the figure of it. Low equipment investment, low operating costs, deflated after small volume, very suitable for the square space.     3, set sail airplane is loved by the masses of children's entertainment equipment, novel design and unique structure, safe and save electricity, elegant, novel and beautiful music, lights, the press of a button, and can be heard gunshots fighting, children can enjoy not only embody the happiness of vertigo, and taking the children to the magical atmosphere, really fun!

4, bungee jumping, bungee jumping and loved by children a ride. Children can exult bouncing on the bungee jumping net, fun. Bungee jumping operation without electricity, fees on time, tear open outfit is convenient.

a few, in addition to the above said manufacturers and a variety of other styles, welcome to choose. For business amusement equipment industry, the park is the best place of business. Because park traffic is huge, whether it's day or night, there will be a lot of people choose to go for a walk in the park, this gives brought by the huge Numbers of amusement equipment, will be more good to do business.

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