What are the amusement equipment for glass fiber reinforced plastic parts request

2019 - 10 - 29 17:14:21

in amusement equipment for most of the time all need to use glass fiber reinforced plastic, it is also becoming an important reference equipment quality and value. In one sentence in general is: your production equipment used in glass fiber reinforced plastic, the better, the more you win more customers, the more we can sell the price. In this quality decided to price ratio of era, each big manufacturer of amusement to production technology strives for perfection, below small make up to you to introduce what are the requirements in the glass fiber reinforced plastic parts is in use. For glass fiber reinforced plastic pieces, strict in its appearance and coating of some, especially in its modelling design and decorations, paint should be beautiful and easy, its appearance without bruising, scratches, cracks, rough and other basic problems. Not only for its chrome its surface should be kept light, no scratch and grinning, metal pieces should not have corrosion phenomenon. In prior to coating must be rust removal and other dirt, open metal components inside surface should be coated thickness is 60 - — 80 microns antirust paint, the exposed surface of the metal must be painted anticorrosive paint and coating, coating thickness should be 100 - — 150μm。 In addition to coating should not have obvious sag, wrinkling, fall off, defects such as cracks and leakage. In addition to this glass fiber reinforced plastic parts in the installation process of amusement equipment and what need to be aware of?

in the installation phase on the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic are not allowed to have a crack, breakage, apparently repair trace, uneven, tonal inconsistency, corner should be smooth. And in the application process of amusement equipment, but also want to do a good job of handling edges, smooth sleek no obvious stratification is a good glass fiber reinforced plastic parts. In the use of the process of glass fiber reinforced plastic parts and metal frame connection must be reliable, should be reasonable decorate rivet riveting, bolting shall have the loose prevention device. Ready to these aspects, can we call it amusement equipment of high quality and low price of glass fiber reinforced plastic pieces!

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