What are new amusement equipment in the running-in stage

2019 - 10 - 05 09:48:18

there is new amusement equipment just enter the amusement park, has a running-in time. In the throes of not only the management staff to amusement equipment adequate understanding, is also on its performance, quality, wear and consume more clear. At the time of new equipment in the running-in stage, also unavoidably will appear this or that kind of problem, then what the problem is don't need to care about, and what the problem is that need attention? To introduce below amusement is simple for you.

when just at the stage of running in new amusement equipment. New friction contact surface with certain roughness, commissioning contact area is very small, so at the beginning of the new equipment running in, its entire will wear very quickly. Bumps and with the ongoing of running-in, rough surface is smooth, gradually commissioning contact area increases gradually, the surface more smooth level off, the wear rate decreases gradually. When after reaching a certain degree of incline to stable, at this time for the end of running-in stage. Amount of wear is called the early wear and tear during this period. So don't be in the face of the new equipment wear and tear on love, which is a key stage, the each payment purpose but when unreasonable scope is apparent in the equipment wear, it's belong to quality problems, should be timely find manufacturer communication stage, don't always listen to the so-called push to take off in a home.

the running-in stage of new amusement equipment is people consciously use the mild wear stage, create conditions for the stability of the normal operation of the wear. In this stage, for the protection of the equipment without the break-in at the time of operation should comply with the lightening, deceleration, the reasonable operation rules, such as low viscosity lubricating oil, as constant temperature, etc. In addition to shorten the period, can use the appropriate advanced technology, improve equipment utilization.
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