What amusement equipment placed outdoor children's playground for?

2019 - 08 - 31 08:47:46

close to a lot of friends in consultation if you need to start an outdoor children's playground are placed what amusement equipment, what kind of amusement equipment is only to attract children, and how to choose the playground venues and business model and how to charge, etc. Today we have to share with you the dragon amusement. Outdoor playground because it is open, so try to choose some glass fiber reinforced plastic amusement equipment, don't choose plastic equipment, because the plastic equipment easy to fade and the sun insolates, if the plastic device is not easy to damage repair FRP equipment because of the rain from the sun can influence, suit in outdoor playground. Many FRP amusement equipment, according to the operation mode and function can be divided into different spin class amusement equipment, lifting class amusement equipment, electric class amusement equipment, rail class amusement equipment, etc. So on the choice of outdoor playground equipment must take into account all kinds of amusement equipment, and in this way can we have a more comprehensive to attract the children's play. Spin classes like luxury carousel, calls, free and unfettered jellyfish, shark island mini flying chair lift such as automatic control such as aircraft, flying like bumper cars, such as electric like snoopy, inflatable storage battery, small foreigners' carts, bungee jumping to track such as rail train, mini shuttle, happy, outdoor playground whack-a-mole, must be among the several categories to select equipment, so as to let the playground has different style, more attract children's attention and love. Amusement equipment co. , LTD. , a dedicated manufacturer of children's amusement equipment. Main: luxury royal chariot, rotating plane, bumper cars and other children's amusement equipment.
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