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2019 - 11 - 11 11:50:09

children's amusement equipment nearly two years of development? There is no denying the two-child policy under open across the country, created the economic value of children's amusement industry let many investors profile, combined with the contemporary '4 + 2 + 1' mode of family and parent-child interactive education, parents are willing to lead the children during the holidays to experience the joy of amusement park. In such circumstances, amusement industry attracted many investors to join, then related sites actually what to choose? Below small make up from the following three aspects to introduce for everybody. Result the densely populated residential area is a good choice. The current urban housing is the direction of community development, in many cities have built a lot of considerable scale of community residents. In such areas of relatively high population add rides, occupy the advantage of traffic directly. Especially in nearby in the evening, parents are willing to take the child down to play, so investors choose lighting effects of amusement programs will be more popular. Second is in with the help of a comprehensive shopping malls or geographical location at the edge of the square. The integration of comprehensive business circle and square is the main way of contemporary people travel, suitable for family travel can also win a lot of customers of the site, don't ignore this area are able to produce great value. Three is the children's palace and the school nearby. This stage is the place of accurate positioning, most children are gathered in these areas, the nature of the children is playing, parents are willing to spend money to see the smiling faces of the children. These three areas is very good, comprehensive investors can according to local actual situation, this paper compares and analyzes to choose the suitable for their own site. Above all choose rides venue outside rent, stream of people, the several big aspects of fixed consumer groups, field found that nature is not worry about the business. Of course in the choose and buy of equipment we recommend you to cooperate with professional amusement equipment manufacturer, such not only can reduce the middle take goods from factories to reduce costs, on the subsequent maintenance and overhaul will also be able to more timely and convenient.
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